Iowa Central defeats COD Football


Torre Butts Jr. (13) going in for a quick handshake with Thomas Martini (45).

Kate Zadell, Sports Editor

Wide receiver Torre Butts, Jr. (#13) certainly did his part at this weekend’s game, catching a pass from backup quarterback Tom Vatter (#6) resulting in the last touchdown for the Chaps for their home opener. The final game score, 50-36, resulted in a win for Iowa Central over College of DuPage. It was a neck-and-neck game of push and pull.

Coaches supported each player, coordinating with them individually as various game situations arose. Clipboards were being used as shields to demonstrate the defensive style to block the offensive line on the other side. The energy was palpable, but not enough to carry the Chaps to victory. After the loss, the Chaps dropped to 1-2 this season. Next up is a road game against Georgia Military this Sunday.