Getting to know COD Quarterback Asher O’Hara


COD Newsroom/Flickr

Quarterback Asher O’Hara led the Chaps to victory during the 2017 Red Grange Bowl

Carlos Peterson, Sports Editor

Getting to Know Quarterback Asher O’Hara

I caught up with COD quarterback Asher O’Hara over the weekend to talk about his life in and out of football and some of the things he’s looking to do in the future.

Carlos Peterson: What’s it like carrying the moniker of being the quarterback and being the guy?

Asher O’Hara: I never really played other positions. So being in the position of quarterback was never as big of a deal to me. I never felt more significant than any other role on the team, although some people may think it’s bigger than another position. Every position’s different. I didn’t come in thinking that I was THE quarterback, and that I had to play crazy good. I just let the offense roll.

CP: What are some of the things you do to get better as a player?

AO: A lot of my improvement was off the field, watching film, and it helped improve my football I.Q. This season my quarterbacks’ coach, Coach Furco was helpful, because in high school I didn’t have to retain as much as had to this year. I got better at reading coverages from that. That was one of my focuses this year. Getting better mentally, and being more aware at the quarterback position, and using that to my advantage.

CP: Was there anything during the season that you wished to improve on?

AO: As an offense we could have executed better. Some weeks we just wouldn’t get it done, and then the following week we’d being doing alright. We related it to when we would have a bad practice week. In the games we lost, we had three losses, we would have a bad week of practice. It was self-explanatory. If we don’t practice the way we play, we’re not going to win.

CP: I did a little bit of research, and you were a great ball player in high school. Did you receive any offers outside of coming to COD?

AO: No, and I don’t know how, but I was a very under-recruited player. I had a couple of D-2 offers. Nothing D-1. Now that I look back on it, I’m just shocked I didn’t get any interest. Kinda frustrating.

CP: That’s understandable. There are plenty of programs that need quarterbacks. In terms of the entirety of your career, with topics such as concussions coming to the forefront, does any of that frighten you as a player?

AO: It hasn’t really. It clearly is a huge concern to me. My older brother, who played at COD two years back, has said that he’s had some issues. He’s had a good amount of concussions, much more than I have. I’ve really been listening to what he said and take that into consideration, but I just haven’t had enough to feel unsafe. I’m too passionate about the game right now.

CP: For personal time, do you play games like Madden being a big football guy?

AO: Any game you give me, I’ve heard from my friends, I’ll always be the best at it. I’m really good on the sticks. I like to spend a lot of time on there when I’m not playing football. I played with my older brothers, so I have a lot of experience. I definitely have game.

CP: What’s your favorite team to use in football?

AO: I like using the Panthers, because Cam Newton can run around. I like to run with my quarterbacks. I don’t like pocket passers.

CP: Is there any track or playlist you use to get ready for a game?

AO: Believe it or not, I don’t. Most of my teammates have their headphones on. I never have my own music on. I’m going over plays. I’m not one to be screaming about excitement before the game. I like to save my energy for the field. You’ll catch me listening to whatever the locker room is playing, none of my own.