Get Active. Get Social.

COD Intramurals are for everyone!


Nicole Littlefield, Features Editor

You may have seen the several different posters on the walls around campus or a notification on Chaplife about the various different intramural events that occur regularly on campus. Matt Cousins, the overseer of Chap Fitness and intramural events, and John Pagan, the coordinator of intramural events, host a variety of different intramural events.

“For us, intramurals are trying to provide a fun student experience here at the college,” said John Pagan. “We work on a lot of new events every semester. We might have a chess or Monopoly event coming up, little things like that. Anything to keep students interested.”

Cousins and Pagan try to accomodate the intramurals for as many students as they can. To do this they will poll the student body to find out what sports the student population is interested in playing.

With the help of the statistics classes at COD, the classes poll the student population on what sports students would like to see included in the intramurals. The most popular intramural events are those for volleyball, soccer or basketball. They will set up games such as can jam, bags, badminton and many others to try and get students involved. 

“The whole idea is to engage students,” said Cousins. “To engage as many students as possible. To get people off their phone and to get out and socialize and get some exercise while you’re doing it. That is the whole idea of intramurals is to get students more involved and to get them moving.”

This past week Cousins and Pagan hosted a 3-point shoot off for anyone interested in a chance to win a $10 gift card. Around 20 students showed up for the competition. Most of the participants either saw a poster hung up around campus for the event or heard about it through word of mouth.

Each shooter received 45 seconds to shoot five balls from three racks positioned around the 3-point line. The top four shooters received a second run through. The person with the most baskets in the second round won the competition. 

There were four players in the second round. Mohammad Salik Totten, Byron Walker, Kurt Castillo, and Keon Henry were playing for the win. Salik, Walker, and Castillo each made 8 points but COD student and member of the basketball team, Keon Henry, won the 3-point shootout with 12 points.

“It was actually fun,” said Henry. “It was real cool and competitive. We were all talking a little smack before the game came on. I just woke up! I didn’t warm up or nothing and started shooting.”

Henry won an intramural shirt and a $10 giftcard to his choice of either Starbucks or Little Caesars.

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