Get a grip on self care with the help of Wellness Week


Paolo Mazza, Events Coordinator at the Office of Student Life

Reanna Comiso, Features Editor

In college, many students can attest the popular notion: one has to choose between schoolwork, sleep or social life; you can’t have all three. Now more than ever, students must take care of themselves physically, mentally and emotionally. During the first week of March, the Office of Student Life at the College of DuPage (COD) will host a week-long set of events to help students understand the importance of personal wellness.

From March 5-8, various speakers, seminars and events are scheduled to take place in the student service center to help students gain a better understanding of how they can improve themselves holistically.

“I think many people tend to ignore the warning signs that may be affecting their overall health,” said Paolo Mazza, events specialist at the Office of Student Life.

With a simple goal in mind, the week will allow students to keep a positive attitude on their health and understand what they can do to help themselves amidst their stressful daily lives.

To start the week, Chap Fitness will sponsor a seminar on nutrition along with offering a DIY trail-mix bar for attendees. On Tuesday, Alter Ego Productions, a campus student activities board, will bring in motivational speaker Curtis Hill to provide students with tips to manage mental health. A Wellness Fair will take place on Wednesday and a time-management workshop by the Learning Commons on Thursday to conclude the week.

“I’m really excited for our fair on Wednesday, since there will be a ton of groups on campus showcasing what they offer to improve wellness, and some will be giving away freebies!” said Mazza.

At the Wellness Fair, there will be many opportunities for students to indulge in new ways to practice self-care. Over 20 campus and community groups will be in attendance, including: aromatherapy groups, chiropractors, students and faculty from COD’s cosmetology department and various others.

“As a recent grad and former COD student, we make sacrifices to be students and expand our education,” said Mazza. “Sometimes this means we put our needs last. I want students to be able to stop in to any of our events and take something home with them.”

A full list of events can be found on and under the various social media accounts run by the office. Questions can be directed to the office at [email protected].