Football: High-Scoring Dominant Win for the Chaps! 

Kate Zadell, Sports Editor

This past Sunday’s football game was a straight-up win for College of DuPage as the Chaparrals dominated the scoreboard 47-0 against the visiting Carthage College Junior Varsity in non-conference game at Bjarne Ullsvik Stadium.

The Chaps offensively ruled, beginning their dominance with the second drive of the first quarter, when sophomore receiver Jaden Lacy scored on a 49-yard pass. Closing the quarter, freshman RB Isaiah Nwokenkwo scored on a 59-yard touchdown run, leading the Chaps to a 14-0 lead against the Red Men.

As the fall breeze blew through the field, and into the second quarter of the game, College of DuPage’s freshman RB Darrell Smith scored on back-to-back touchdowns.

“It’s the whole team. It’s all of us.” Smith said. “We gotta work hard at practice and watch what the next team is gonna get ready to do and continue to play our hearts out and give it that all.”

The fifth successful touchdown, putting the score at 33-0, was right before halftime when sophomore WR Torre Butts, Jr. caught a 29-yard pass thrown swiftly from freshman QB Benjamin Little, Jr.

In the final quarter of the game, sophomore QB Tom Vatter threw the 46-yard pass to sophomore WR Jordan Robertson for the sixth touchdown. The Chaps closed out the scoring with only 5 minutes remaining on the clock with a 64-yard touchdown run by freshman WR Dylan Thaxton.

Associate Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator Matt Rahn said, “A game against a junior varsity team is always a good chance for our team to shine. At the end of the day, the student athletes come here to use this program as a stepping stone to hopefully go on to a four-year school,” Rahn said. “With a  game like this one, we were able to put some points up on the board, and get some of our

rotational guys in there so they can get some footage to use for recruiter film.”

The Chaparrals football team plays their next game at home against Olivet Nazarene Junior Varsity on Monday, Oct. 28 at 6:00pm.