Breaking News: Fenne and Manno Win COD Board of Trustees Election

District 502 voters reelect Christine Fenne and vote in a new member to the Board of Trustees.


Devin Oommen, Staff Writer

Christine Fenne and Andrew Manno have won the April 4 election for two seats on the COD Board of Trustees.

Fenne, the incumbent, became a board member in 2017 and will keep her board seat serving in her 2nd six-year term. As of April 5, unofficial totals show Fenne won 42.17% of DuPage County votes. Manno won 30.82% of DuPage County votes and will be replacing the seat of Dan Markwell. 

The race included 3 candidates. Haroon Atcha, the third candidate, won 27% of votes in DuPage county. 

The election had a 19% voter turnout in DuPage county.  

District 502 includes parts of Cook and Will County. Across the 3 counties, 177,802 votes were cast.  Between the counties, Fenne won 42% of votes, Manno won 31%, and Atcha won 26%. 

Manno is from Aurora, IL, and is a litigation attorney and partner at Chicago law firm Cray Huber Horstman Heil & VanAusdal. Manno’s campaign focused on declining enrollment at COD. 

The members of the Board of Trustees are Maureene Dunne, Christine Fenne, Heidi Holan, Florence Appel, Annette Corrigan, Nick Howard and Andrew Manno. The next Board of Trustees meeting is on April 27 at 6 p.m.