Faculty showcase talent in Music Fridays @ Noon

Reanna Comiso, Features Editor

Photos taken by Hannah Davis

With the hectic schedules that come with entering adulthood, it never hurts to take time to unwind at the end of the week. With the help of the College of Dupage music department, students, faculty, alumni and members of the greater DuPage community can relax to some music by various talented COD members and guest performers.

Music Fridays @ Noon are back this semester, occurring every Friday of the term. The program is an hour-long session where any member of the community can enjoy music performed by various acts.

COD is home to many people with great talent and passion. This past Friday, students witnessed the musical talent of several COD music professors. Following the cancellation of Chris Komos, the original act for the past Music Friday, COD faculty members had to improvise and put on a “jam session” for eager music-goers.

“It was very impromptu, it was not what was on the schedule,” says music professor Lee Kesselman, “It’s the first time in the time that we’ve been doing this that we’ve ever had a cancellation.”

With Music Fridays being a product of the COD Music Department, it is no surprise that faculty of this department are able to put on a show at the last minute. Ken Paoli, Richard Armandi, Ben Wahlund, and Tom Tallman got together to play a series of jazz hits, including “Ladybird,” “There Will Never be Another Day” and “There is no Greater Love.”

Paoli was on piano. Armandi was on bass. Wahlund was on drums, and Tallman joined in for a portion on trumpet. In between songs, the group would discuss with the audience on jazz music, melodies, and the art of improvisation within music.

Despite having a last-minute change of plans, music faculty at COD were able to put on an a fun and engaging show the audience. “We hate to cancel unless we have to,” says Kesselman.

The atmosphere of the event was very happy and comfortable. The choral room was full of people from various age groups, ranging from students to young children with their parents. Everyone in the room had a clear appreciation for music, whether they were musicians themselves or just admirers.

For the rest of the spring semester, music performers can be found every friday at noon in MAC 140. A few of the upcoming performers include Martin Atkins of Millikin University, the Metropolis Oboe Quartet and a Student Spotlight for “Apollo Live!”, a student talent competition that will be held in the Belushi Hall.

A full listing of all of the remaining performers for Music Fridays @ Noon can be found at http://www.atthemac.org/music-fridays-noon/.