COD students elect new officers for the 2018-19 school year


Hannah Davis

SLC Predident-elect Yasmin-Hajara Isa

Vandy Manyeh, News Editor

The campuswide election for student body president, vice president and the student representative on the college’s board of trustees had one of the lowest voter turnouts in years.

Only 287 students participated in this year’s SLC election. That’s down from the 525 students who voted in 2016 and a record of 706 students who voted in last year’s election.

Sonia Paul, Yasmin-Hajara Isa and Alex Carbonell were elected as student trustee, president and vice president respectively.

Paul ran as the lone candidate for the student trustee position and won with 272 votes. Isa received 122 votes, edging out her closest rival, Brody Stejskal, with 76 votes. A total of 150 students voted for Carbonell. His opponent, Dannae Alonso, received 118 votes.

Paul will replace Anthony Walker on the board and vowed throughout her campaign to be attentive, efficient and more than willing to collaborate with all members of the community.

“This is a position that requires public understanding, communication skills and willingness to participate, which I believe I possess, especially due to my involvement on campus,” said Paul in a profile on COD’s website.

Paul will be inducted into office at the April regular board of trustees meetings. Isa and Carbonell will take office at the start of the fall 2018 term.