COD President: No bridge to TEC building coming in the immediate future


Courtesty of COD Newsroom/Flickr

The Technology Education Center at the College of DuPage

Courier staff

College of DuPage President Ann Rondeau announced in an official letter Friday afternoon there will be no bridge between the east side of campus and the TEC building in the immediate future.

Here is the content of the letter:

To College of DuPage Community,

First and foremost, I would like to sincerely thank everyone who took time out of their busy schedules to participate in a recent survey. As you know, the survey was administered last month regarding the concept of a bridge that would connect the west and east campuses of our College.

The survey was issued for four main reasons:

1 – When I was interviewed for the College president position, and after I was selected, several students approached me about a bridge – students from the SLC, the Student Trustee and other student and peer leaders (at that time). As well, at least one of the candidates for an officer position during last year’s SLC leadership campaign included “a bridge” in his campaign platform. Several of our STEM students and faculty have identified that they transport various kinds of equipment to and from the east and west sides of the campus for lab work and that this is often difficult during inclement weather. (As an aside, in response to requests we now have a food kiosk and Learning Commons in the TEC Building to serve student needs, particularly during evening classes.) The aim of all our students’ who have given voice to these matters was and has been to connect students, faculty and staff on the west side with easy, safe and sheltered access to facilities and services easily available to students on the east side.

2. A little over a year ago a woman was crossing the street at the corner of Lambert and Fawell and was nearly struck by an oncoming car. The driver was arrested for reckless driving. The pedestrian was a Trustee on the Glen Ellyn Village Board and is now the President of the Glen Ellyn Board of Trustees. Both she and the former President of the Glen Ellyn Board commented about safety concerns at that particular intersection.

3 – The multi-year College of DuPage Strategic Long Range Plan (the SLRP is collaboratively developed by representatives throughout the College and ultimately approved by the College Board of Trustees) states:

8.1: Use faculty and stakeholder input…to…further develop and implement a detailed Facility Master Plan with a focus on future academic and student support needs
8.2: Unify the west and east sides of the Glen Ellyn campus, creating a pedestrian-friendly crossing and a “one campus” feel

3 – The College will soon embark on developing a multi-year Facilities Master Plan. This plan projects out many years and serves as a reference source as we consider needs – well into the future. The sources of funds for construction projects varies and includes public bond referendums, donations, etc. Given previous student informal input through conversation, I sought to obtain a sense of current campus-wide sentiment as a snapshot about this particular matter as we plan future (many years out) construction and renovations based largely on what best serves ours students.

After the Administration briefs the College Board of Trustees at the next Board meeting (next week), the survey results will be posted on the College website.

Based on the survey data, for the time being and until we get indicators or opportunities otherwise, we will not be including a structural bridge.

We will continue to consider ways to be responsive to a voiced desire to connect the two campuses and to comply with the SLRP mandates.

In abiding service,

Dr. Ann E. Rondeau
College of DuPage