COD Library Has Reopened for the Public



Kevin Ashley, Staff Writer

When the pandemic is over what was the first thing you wanted to do? Going out to restaurants? Hang out with friends? Or was it the obvious answer to go back to your local library? Well, now at College of Dupage you don’t have to wait.
Currently, the first floor of the COD library is open for public use, but COD’s guidelines must be followed.
Jennifer Mclntosh, the associate dean of the COD library, said the library staff has long anticipated being able to welcome students back into the library.
“We have been open throughout the pandemic virtually,” McIntosh said. “However, now that the state is reopening and the college has revised planning for on-campus usage we have the opportunity to reopen part of the physical space.”
The library isn’t the only thing to open up again. The COD campus as a whole has officially opened up again for public use as of the 28th of June. With the screener gone at the few points of entry, all doors are open for those wishing to be on campus. If you are vaccinated you can even take off your mask indoors as well. However, it is still advised to social distance and non-vaccinated people should still wear a mask for their own protection and others.
With the reopening of the first floor of the COD library also came all of the resources that were once provided there.
“Our first priority was to make the study spaces available again for students,” said Mclntosh.
All resources that were previously available before the pandemic will be accessible again, and any that aren’t will be available in the fall.
For example, the computer stations are open again and so are the college’s printer and scanning services. All services that the library provided online will also still be available online and can be requested in person at the library too. Those options include laptop rentals and internet hotspots and book rentals along with other services.
The library encourages people to come back and use the resources available in order to not only do well at COD but to try and get a feel of what campus life used to be like.