COD earns huge victory over Daley


Lucas Koprowski

Chaparral Basketball player #24 Jonny Woolf taking a free throw after a personal foul at the College of DuPage’s basketball court on Dec. 4, 2014. The chaparrals won the game 84-53.

Ben Grote, Sports Editor

College of DuPage defeated Daley College’s basketball team in a decisive 84-53 victory on Dec. 4.


At the beginning of the game, the scoreboard showed a promising, constant lead for the Chaparrals. Despite the lead, the Chaparrals had committed multiple fouls against the Bulldogs, which hurt the morale of the team. However, after players were rotated to and from the bench, the Chaparrals’ teamwork improved. The Chaparrals began to dominate the Bulldogs and went from a 12-7 lead to a 23-9 lead in a span of just under five minutes. Jonathan Villezcas was a key player in the Chaparrals gaining such a large lead over the Bulldogs in the grueling match between the two teams.


The first half was closing in and with just a few minutes left, an unfamiliar face stepped onto the court. Rashad Williams, a lineman who played on COD’s football team was playing his second basketball game of the season. In his short playing time during the first half, the 6-foot-5, 280-pound player had made key blocks on the court and scored two jump shots before the Chaparrals ended with a 35-21 lead.


Rashad Williams remarked on his performance, saying, “It was exciting to be back on the court finally. I played in highschool and I’m sophomore now, so it feels awesome to be able to play again.”


The second half started out extremely well once again in the Chaparrals’ favor. Deande Manual scored six points in under three minutes after the start of the second half, which had the fans’ attention. Soon after this, the Chaparrals continued to maintain a decisive control over the Bulldogs. Jonny Woolf had made multiple jump shots, which brought the Chaparrals into a comfortable spot on the scoreboard. Throughout the rest of the game, the Chaparrals had no problem shutting down the Bulldogs’ defense and to continuously score for the duration of the game.


The Chaparrals ended the game with a 31 point lead over the Bulldogs. The Chaparrals currently have a record of 6-3 and will play their next game against Waubonsee Community College on Dec. 11 at COD.