COD Cares raises the bar for Homecoming week


Emily Lorenz, Staff Reporter

College of DuPage held its second annual Homecoming week on Oct. 12th to the 17th. Although this was the second year in a row that COD has had a Homecoming week and this was seen as a successful event by many, its event are still not known by many students. The week featured many activities that were open for students and staff to enjoy free of charge. The week included many events, including a pep rally, an online scavenger hunt and COD Cares Day of Action.

The events were publicized by posters and emails sent out to all students, but some who attended didn’t realize it was happening till they saw it with their own eyes while on campus. Freshman Jessica Curtis was an example of one student who happened upon an event during the week.

“I like [the pep rally], I think it’s cool. I found out about it by walking by [the SSC],” Curtis said.

Homecoming week also featured an online scavenger hunt that started on Oct. 12th, featuring a $250 prize. Junior Jade Mellen feels that the overall participation of the online event could have been better.

“The online scavenger hunt [was] fun, but I was disappointed because more people didn’t participate in it,” Mellen said.

Joseph Collins, acting interim president of COD, feels that Homecoming week, based on the students’ response, was something that was received well and is something that the school will continue to put on in the future.

“It was only the second time we did this, but I think based on the student participation it should be an annual event from now on,” Collins said. “It was nice to see our community come out and support the school.”

Although much of Homecoming Week attracted little student participation, the COD cares day of action held its own. On Oct. 13th in the Student Service Center atrium, COD Cares setup with hopes that students and staff would want to help their community out by donating things that DuPage PADS, a local program designed to help the homeless population, needs for the upcoming winter months.

The organization asked students and faculty to donate winter coats, canned goods and diapers amongst other things that will go toward helping others in the community.

By the end of the day, the project had about 400 participants who helped donate materials for 300 winter warming packages. The organization was also able to make 50 reusable heating pads that will be given to nursing home patients and people living with HIV/AIDS. All of the supplies donated by students and faculty will help benefit over 500 people in the DuPage county area.

Ami Chambers, Community Relations Coordinator for COD Cares, feels that based on student participation, the event was a success.

“All COD Cares events have been a success based on student participation,” Chambers said. “The goal is to complete whatever the project is and in this case it was to make all of the winter warming packages, which we did.”

COD Cares also had a pumpkin decorating table where more than 40 (in general, if the number is 10 or higher, use the digits) people decorated pumpkins that will be placed in classrooms at Giant Steps school (where is the school located) where children with special needs attend.