“Child of Light” Game Review: Intense gameplay; breathtaking graphics

Alizay Rizvi, Social Media Manager


“Child. Tuck Yourself in bed. And let me tell you a story. Of Lemuria, a long lost kingdom. And a girl born for glory. In Austria was a crown land ruled by a duke. Aurora was his daughter. Child of a duchess mysterious. Beloved by her father. He raised the girl alone. They were rarely apart. ‘Til the duke felt lonely. And misplaced his heart. It was the Great Friday. Before Easter 1895. Players performed for the duke. His new bride at his side. That night Aurora went to sleep. The fire burned down low. She caught a chill that spread. Her skin was cold as snow. At dawn they found her, vacant Aurora’s light had gone out. Her father wept and pleaded, but there could be no doubt. For all intents and purposes, Aurora was dead. And yet, Once upon a time, she awoke in a strange land instead.”

The introduction for Child Of Light is pulls you right into the game. Taking on characteristics of the classic fairytale Cinderella, the story begins with a stepmother, intertwining into the cruelty of having a stepfamily. Beginning as a classic tale you tell to children when going to bed, this game will truly envelop you into a childhood fairytale. With beautifying graphics by Ubisoft Montreal, the scenes revolving aspects of nature and fairy tales truly enhance one’s experience revolving the game.

Playing as Aurora, you start off with her in her childhood state, one that is lost and confused. It reminds you often of when you perhaps got lost in a grocery store as a child. It really delves into how crazy and frightening the world is without having someone there to guide you, especially without your parents. Aurora is braver than most children considering the way she handles herself throughout the dark parts of the forest in the game. The early gameplay delves deep into the idea of what it means to really be lost, not just as a child, but as a whole. It brings it to a level that all can relate to.

Aurora eventually finds friends to aid her on her journey. As all the light that was in the kingdom of Lemuria has been taken away. As she is guided through Lemuria, she embarks on a quest to retrieve the sun, the moon, and the stars. The quest begins with the story of Umbra, the dark queen. She rules the night and banished all the light away. As the game continues, Aurora learns to leave behind her childish ways in order to establish balance and bring back the light.

While the game revolves around a childish fairytale, it only allows the game to be far more enjoyable. The story itself becomes more about coming of age and facing fears. It brings to life the ideas behind being able to grow up and take on the world by yourself. It also becomes a true reminder of what it means to be family.

Despite its incredible storyline, which Ubisoft divides into chapters, the game centers around character building. You take on various  monsters to level up in order to try to defeat bigger bosses in the later chapters. As the game proceeds, the chapters become difficult and leveling your character to make sure it has the best defense necessary becomes important. As Aurora finds and meets friends to join in her fight against the dark queen, the fighting mechanisms advance further. The game then allows you to choose a friend that you can fight alongside, using their attacks and defenses to your advantage.

Child of Light has a complex storyline, intense gameplay and beautifully made graphics. It really allows for a deep dive into  life from a child’s standpoint. The game becomes a morality story of coming of age and being able to face one’s fears. This game is one that will make an impact on gamers of all ages.