Candidate Questionnaire: Frank Napolitano

Running for COD board

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Joash Mencias

Board candidate Frank Napolitano at a March 24 forum.

Quick Biography

I grew up in Warrenville, attended Wheat Central High School, now Wheaton Warrenville South. I attended Davea, now TCD, and I attended the College of DuPage. I am a sales professional in the telecommunications industry.

Why are you seeking office?

I would like to help restore the public trust in this fine institution and help move the college forward.

What factors determine whether or not tuition should be increased?

I would always look at ways to avoid raising the tuition. I believe we can eliminate waste and fraud first to reduce our operating costs and I would look to use new technologies to help reduce operating costs, which could reduce tuition or at least keep tuition flat.

In regards to President Barack Obama’s proposal for free community college, what do you believe the threshold should be for a free education at COD?

There really is no way to make a tuition free, someone would have to pay for it. I would be most interested in reducing tuition rates for all students if we can.

What would your top three priorities be if elected?

  • Serve in an open and transparent process, while being accessible to all stakeholders including students, faculty and taxpayers.
  • Reduce spending so the college can reduce taxes and tuition or at least keep them flat.
  • Work with business leaders to develop a strategy to ensure the COD students are entering the workforce with the skills they need.

What is your opinion on the possible addition of a new Teaching and Learning Center?

I will need to review the plans and the justification for it in more detail. I believe we need to make sure there is an actual need for any additional construction to take place. That will be the only way we can avoid further tax and tuition hikes at the college.

In your opinion, does the college need more parking? How would you go about creating more parking if you do believe it is an issue?

It seems like there is a shortage of parking space at certain times of the day and ample parking at other times. I think we should do some internal analysis of the parking patterns and see how we can improve parking for faculty and students.

A recent satisfaction survey said students are unhappy with the current counseling options on campus. How would you improve it?

would seek input from the students and counselors on their ideas on how to improve the counseling. I also think partnering with business leaders who could volunteer as a career counselor could help the students make wise choices about their education.

The full-time faculty has voted to express no confidence in President Robert Breuder. Breuder has also been granted a severance package. Do you support this decision? Why or why not?

I do not support the payment Dr. Breuder received or the way the board went about approving it. I spoke out against it at the meeting where they took the second vote on it. That $762,000 comes from taxpayers and student tuition, money that could be better used elsewhere. It is decisions like this that have led to the taxes and tuition rates that the college has today.

What qualities do you seek in a new president when President Breuder’s term is up?

I would be looking for someone who has been both an educator and has administrative experience, someone who will be collaborative in working with the board, the faculty and the students on how to improve the college and the learning experience.