Calling all Writers! COD Writer’s Club Hosted its First Open Mic

The Writers of COD club had its first Open Mic Night and is looking forward to planning more.


photo by Bee Bishop

Bee Bishop, Staff Writer

It’s 6:32 p.m. in the Student Life Lounge. There’s a small group of individuals huddled around a stage, chatting with each other. Angel Jones is not among them. He has no idea who these people are or what they do. He only knows why they are here, because he’s here for the same reason. One by one he watches them go up, state their name, and deliver their piece until at last, he’s the one holding the microphone. He takes a deep breath, in front of all these strangers.

“My name is Angel Jones,” he says, “and I have something to say that’s been in my head for a while.”

This past Tuesday, Nov. 9, the Writers of COD club held their first Open Mic Night. The club feels the event was a success and looks forward to having more events in the upcoming semesters. 

Open Mic Night is an event where people can share their written works that they have created to an audience. Everything from skits and comedy to short stories and essays. It gives people the space on stage to speak what is on their mind and present those ideas to other people. When asked to describe the event, Ariko Kaba, one of the performers and  vice president of the Writers of COD club, said, “It’s a safe space to be yourself, as long as you’re not openly harming people with your words. It’s a good place to be open with other people without the fear of being judged.”

photo by Bee Bishop: Pictured Aurora Troncoso

Club President Aurora Troncoso agreed.

“It gives students a chance to express themselves especially from any field,” they said. “If they don’t have the time commitment to make it to the club, they still have the opportunity to speak their minds.”

Writers of COD is a club that was founded during lockdown last year. It is composed of students who have a passion for creative writing. The club advisor, Trina Sotirakopulos, describes the club as a, “very healthy environment, and a very safe, professional writing club.” 

Students will present a piece of writing they are working on and receive feedback from the other club members. One day, a member decided she just wanted to share a piece with the group and not receive any feedback on it.

“It started a conversation about what else might we be able to change and other things we can do beyond just reading things out loud for ourselves,” Troncoso said.

The event is not limited to people who are in the club, of course. Jones was a performer who had read about the event through posters the club put up to announce the event.

“I saw a flyer on campus, and I thought I should go,” he said, “It was very liberating. It was very refreshing. It’s been a while since I’ve been on stage, especially with COVID-19 happening. Yeah, it was very fun for me.”

photo by Bee Bishop: Pictured Ariko Kaba

Kaba also talked about the importance of the event.

“I think it’s good to put ourselves out there,” she said. “It helps people who are more reserved with their writing. It helps with their shyness.”

This past event was the first one hosted at COD, but the club sounds very excited to stage another one in spring.

“I would attend again,” Jones said. “And I would encourage others to come to the event.”

For those who would be interested in any upcoming events, Writers of COD would be delighted to have new performers for the next events.

“Open Mic is a platform for people to share their talents,” Sotirakopulos said. “We wanted to help the community and create more of a collaborative with the community.”

For those who are interested in joining the Writers of COD club, click here for more information.