Board boycotts draw state attention

Kelly Wynne, Editor In Chief

The office of State Attorney Robert Berlin is considering taking legal action against College of DuPage board of trustees. The potential action comes after the third boycott by Trustees Erin Birt, Joseph Wozniak and Dianne McGuire.
A spokesperson from Berlin’s office explained that the office is exploring its legal rights over the COD board and what actions can be taken in order to kick start the board’s responsibilities.
The current board has until Feb. 11 to appoint a new trustee after Former Chairwoman Kathy Hamilton’s abrupt resignation. The past two meeting agendas have specified this duty, but no advancements have been made due to the ongoing boycott. Without the trustee’s vote the Illinois Community College Board will be forced to appoint a member.


The next board meeting is scheduled for Jan. 21.