Becoming the detective that I’ve always wanted to be

“Contradiction” Review

Becoming the detective that I’ve always wanted to be

Bethany Berg, Photo Editor

What’s so good about mysteries? What makes stories like “Sherlock,” “And Then There Were None,” or “Gone Girl” so popular? Is it the need for answers? The search for a solution? Or is it the process? The chase? Mysterious of all sorts have been referred to as a “safe adventure,” or a roller coaster thrill; all of the unexpected turns and loop-de-loops while sitting perfectly safe at home. Personally, I love a good mystery, and have ever since I was a kid. After awhile, though, stories start becoming more similar and predictable, making them less interesting. Which, after years of solving mysteries, is why I place such a high appraisal to stories that do stump me, and “Contradiction” was no exception.

In this live action point-and-click adventure, you take on the role of Detective Inspector Jenks, assigned on the last-minute investigation of Kate Vine, a PhD student who was found drowned in the woods on the outskirts of the tiny village of Edenton.

Now, there isn’t necessarily a correct “method” to completing “Contradiction.” Simplistically, the game consists of a series of interviews, with majorly the same suspects, and the important aspects of each answer received are recorded for you. Your main task – find the lies. After multiple interviews about different topics, the suspect’s answers will begin to, essentially, “contradict” the other answers given, leading Jenks on the right path to finding out what really happened to Kate Vine.

“Contradiction” isn’t a difficult game by any means, but it isn’t an easy one, either. Some of the lies are easy to spot, while others are more of a stretch to figure out. You will start to have your suspicions about half-way through the game, as did I, but be wary. “Contradiction” is no stranger to red herrings.

Being entirely live-action, “Contraction” starts to quickly feel like an interactive movie, but to me, that only amplifies the experience. This mystery will only take you about 5 hours to solve, but will make you want to experience it with friends all over again. Baggy Cat, the production studio behind the game, is considering a sequel – so make sure to stay tuned.