Baseball team already prepping for season


Lucas Koprowski

Kyndal Pringle, No. 46, practices his batting swing. The College of DuPage baseball team has been preparing for their spring season which starts in February.

Ben Grote, Sports Editor

While many people may be excited for winter, College of DuPage baseball coach Kevin Tyrrell hopes we continue to get warm weather.

This is because his baseball team that soon has to move indoors to practice during the winter.

“The fall season is closing in on us, and I really hope we can get another week or so of warm weather,” Tyrrell says. “Everyone kind of dreads moving indoors to practice, and we’re really hoping to make this weather last as long as possible.”

Preparing for the spring time, which is baseball season, is a time-consuming feat that takes dedication for both athletes and coaches from start to finish. Out of the 60 baseball players who joined, only around 30 are expected to stick around until the end of the season.

College of DuPage’s baseball team began training in August for their fall season, which lasts until late October. After October, the baseball team moves indoors during the winter months in order to practice through the harsh weather. This is the time where all baseball players have been newly recruited by the college, and they begin their training in preparation for the season. The fall season of baseball is very important for coaches to be able to analyze their teams and decide on what they will be working on to improve during the season.

Based on six years of experience of coaching at College of DuPage, Tyrrell plans on improving his team through various exercises, including: scrimmages with other teams and “inner squad” games (where teammates play with each other), weight training and conditioning, and individual exercises to improve certain movements vital for optimum performance and preventing injuries.

The scrimmages and “inner squad” games add up to thirty practice games total during the Fall season. These games give the coaches an important way to see how their team performs, and be able to improve on their weak points.

The weight training and conditioning is made for the players to play at their maximum performance without becoming fatigued. Along with the strength training, their individual movement routine is important for important to help prohibit any injuries sustained through practices and games.

Tyrrell anticipates his team will benefit greatly from his training regimen and practice sessions. Although moving indoors isn’t as fun as playing outside, Tyrrell stays optimistic about the upcoming season.

“It definitely isn’t as fun as playing outdoors, but it’s manageable, and the prospect of being able to go down to Myrtle Beach, S.C. is a great way to stay motivated,” Tyrrell says. “It’s a lot of fun, and the players really enjoy it.” 

These plans that are designed to improve the team as quickly as possible are vital for having the best possible performance of the baseball team.

Their first official game is scheduled to be on Feb. 22, 2015. While many people may look at this date and think it’s far away, Tyrrell believes now is the most important time to get his team up to the highest possible skill level.

“We really use this time the best way we can, and I just hope we can keep improving in preparation for this upcoming season,” Tyrrell says. “We have a lot of work to do, so I’m very excited to see how our players work towards their goals.”