Bad boys: Whatcha gonna do? You’re gonna date him, that’s what.

Kelly Wynne, News Editor

You know the saying “nice guys always finish last?” It’s not too far off. There’s nothing wrong with a nice guy; everyone wants someone who respects them, but oftentimes the thrill of conflicting emotions overcome logic.

My “type” has a beard, tattoos and can usually be found with a cigarette in hand: the kind of guy you don’t want to bring home to meet your parents. The difference, in my experience, is that most of these guys have been awesome. My parents have loved them. They’ve been funny, intelligent, charming and respectful; the “bad boy” sense comes with lack of commitment to any type or relationship, or really anything in general (except tattoos apparently.)

As young adults, commitment is rare. Let’s face it, none of us know where we’re going to end up in life. Many college students live in a state of not wanting to get too comfortable. This makes for what I like to call the “unconventional bad boy;” someone who brings day after day of butterflies and excitement on one, long, twisted road to doom.

If someone approaches me, immediately interested, texts me back instantaneously and showers me with attention, I feel stifled. These may be good guys, just looking for a genuine connection, but as horrible as it is to admit, a relationship is much more interesting with something at stake, whether it be happiness or family approval. In a cut and dry relationship, your emotions settle. You get used to your surroundings. You feel comfortable. To me, that sounds boring.

Bad guys come with confusion, chaos and conflicting emotions. Something about not being able to tell where another person’s emotions lie is exhilarating, while incredibly frustrating. It comes down to the fact that your mind and heart are constantly being thrown between bliss and premature heartache, leaving no time for boredom or settling. It’s the thrill of the chase; it sounds like torture, and it is, but in the moment, there’s nothing you’d rather feel.

The case differs from person to person, but the element of “he loves me, he loves me not,” is an inevitable way to create conflict and personal gamble. As college students, we’re constantly taking chances. It’s no wonder our relationship choices reflect that. “Bad boys” are a dime a dozen. Still, we cling to a select person for a whirlwind ride, wondering the whole time if it will end in love or disaster. Nine times out of 10 it’s the latter.

Maybe nice guys are hard to find. More likely, they’re constantly overlooked for the fear of dullness and routine. One day, these qualities may sound appealing, but for the moment, our infatuation stays with crash-and-burn relationships with a sliver of hope that you and your significant other may be the select few to make it out alive.