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Athlete of the Week: Sierra Gibson

An exclusive interview with Sierra Gibson whose performance on the women’s basketball team earned her a spot for Athlete of the Week.
Photo provided by COD Athletics.

Name: Sierra Gibson

Sport: Basketball

Position: Guard

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: River Grove

High School: East Leyden


Lily Goodfellow: When did you start playing basketball?

Sierra Gibson: I started playing basketball probably in 4th grade, and I just kept going with it ever since. I started playing at a little Catholic school in Melrose Park called Sacred Heart. I eventually went to public school and played at River Grove. I was going to do club in high school, but wasn’t financially able to afford it. It’s very expensive, so I was never able to get that chance. But I don’t regret it at all. It didn’t hold me back. 


LG: You had an incredible season last year. How do you feel about being in a leadership role this season, and what are your hopes for the team? 

SG: Having a good season last year doesn’t mean anything for this year. I think we just need to start fresh as a whole new team. My goals with the team are to go even farther than we did last year. I want to go to the national championship, and of course, I want to win Region again. But that national championship is the biggest goal this year. Being a leader is hard. I was with a whole new group last year and a whole new group this year. So it’s just learning about everybody, how everybody plays, and how everybody communicates with each other is a big part of being a leader.


LG: What are some of the biggest obstacles you have overcome?

SG: Probably coming in as a freshman last year and having to be somewhat of a voice and kind of help push a lot of the teammates that I had last year. That was super difficult because I was young and coming in from high school. It was a big, big change with different play styles, different speeds. It was way different.


LG: How do you plan to make basketball a part of your life long-term?

SG: Hopefully, after COD I will go to a four-year [college]. I would love to coach. I would love to help coaching, or maybe even just do classes with people and help them with skills and shooting and that type of stuff.


LG: How will you decide which four-year college you’ll go to?

SG: When the season is over, I will look at who’s offering what and where these places are. And come spring, hopefully take a few visits and go see these places, meet the coaches, meet the teams and see where I feel like I’ll fit the best. So probably in springtime, I’ll start doing all of that. I’m very nervous. 


LG: What’s one of the best decisions you’ve ever made and why?

SG: Probably number one was coming here. Not only is it an amazing facility with amazing staff, I really love Coach Abby and Coach Heberg and what their goals are and their drive for the game. That made me want to come here even more. I felt very wanted, and I still feel like I am as well.


LG: How have your coaches helped you?

SG: Definitely pushing me. Knowing what I’m capable of and not just pushing me to the side. Letting me come out of my shell and really show who I really am.


LG: Do you think attitude is a factor in winning?

SG: I think it’s a huge factor in winning. Because if you are all in your head and down in the dumps, it is going to affect not only you but the whole team and the way you play together. If you’re all energetic and excited, it’s going to be a better game, a better outcome, a better season. It all depends on attitude.


LG: What does the team do to create strong bonds on and off the court? 

SG: I feel like we have a lot of respect for each other. Especially our elders on the team. We have more than just me and Delmarea Willis as sophomores. We have transfers as well. So I think respecting everybody is a really good thing. Even today we’re going to go have a pasta dinner after practice and just bond that way, so that’s one thing.


LG: What is your favorite restaurant and why?

SG: I love Olive Garden because their breadsticks are just so good.


LG: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

SG: Probably to Cuba. I have some family out there, and I would love to see where my grandma grew up and where my cousins grew up. I think learning where I came from would be really cool.


LG: What one word best describes you?

SG: Loud. Definitely loud.


LG: Thank you very much, Sierra!

SG: Yeah, of course. Thank you!

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