Animation students share work in new gallery

Reanna Comiso, Features Editor

Photos by Hannah Davis and Alison Pfaff

COD is home to several art galleries throughout campus where current students are given the chance to showcase their own work. To start off the new semester, a new art exhibit Behind the Frames has opened in Wings Gallery in the Student Service Center. It will feature pre-production work by animation students.

Within film and animation, pre-production includes the various types of work done on a project before full production of the project begins. Various character model sheets, backgrounds, storyboards, sketches, and concept art pieces can all be found within the gallery.

Rather than showcasing a final composition, pre-production acts as a building block to a an end goal. The exhibit will be highlighting works that are not traditionally exposed to an audience.

Animation is used to often in everyday life in movies, commercials, and video games that it becomes an artform that is so accessible, yet often overlooked. Like all artforms, it requires effort, talent, and creativity. With help from Wings Gallery, viewers of the new exhibit will be able to view and hopefully understand the work that goes into producing an animated film or project.

Behind the Frames can be found in SSC 2210 from 11am to 3pm Mon. through Fri. until Feb 22nd.