Women’s tennis team aims to bounce back this year

Ben Grote, Sports Editor

Playing on College of DuPage’s newly installed courts, the women’s tennis team suffered a loss of 1-7 against Illinois Valley Community College in their first season game on Sept. 6.

Despite the loss, coach Jim Bowers seems optimistic about the upcoming season.

“We have our work cut out for us this season, and I think with hard work we will improve greatly,” Bowers said. “While we can’t change our opponents’ skill levels, we always can improve our own. I think if the team continues to work hard, and tweak out their weak spots, we have the potential for a great season.”

The women’s tennis team went on winning two games and suffered eight losses last season, which isn’t exactly an impressive record. However, Coach Bowers sees this win-loss record differently than many other coaches would.

Coach Bowers sees the past record of the team as an opportunity for them to make large improvements to their game this year, and is very excited to see the team grow as the season progresses. Coach Bowers is pleased to see two, very talented returning players this year, and six promising, new recruits to the team.

Coach Bowers is hopeful that the returning players will continue to perform well, and the newly recruited players will continue to learn throughout the season.

Coach Bowers says that the sport isn’t about winning one particular game, but is about learning from each time you play. Whether it’s a win, or a loss, there is always room for improvements to be made. 

One large factor that Coach Bowers will influence his team’s performance this year are the new tennis courts located on campus for the team to practice on.

“We used to have to coordinate practice times with nearby schools in order to use their facilities. This made it difficult for us to know exactly when we could use the courts. Now we’re able to be much more flexible for when it comes to deciding when and how long we can practice for.”

Tennis is a sport of persistence, patience, and hard work. College of DuPage’s tennis team is no different, and is hoping that their hard work will make a difference this year at its future matches.

If anyone is interested in joining the tennis team, contact Jim Bowers via email at: [email protected]