Win money by proposing a slogan to curb cheating

Vandy Manyeh, News Editor

By simply coming up with a creative idea stating the best way to communicate the importance of academic honesty here at College of DuPage, you could win money for tuition.

Courtesy of a contest themed “COD Academic Integrity Slogan Contest,” brainstormed by the college’s academic honesty committee. The contest is open to COD students above the age of 18 or with a parental consent. The winner will receive $1500. There are also two second place prizes valued at $500 apiece.

“With the COD Academic Integrity Slogan Contest, the Committee is looking for a COD student perspective on an important facet of their college lives – honesty in academic work,” said Jennifer Kelley, reference librarian and a member of the academic honesty committee.  “Whether writing papers, giving presentations, performing on the field or the stage, COD students are expected to demonstrate qualities of morality, integrity, honesty, civility, honor, and respect”

A survey carried out last semester among 32 students in four Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) English classes yielded that 75-percent of students have been tempted to cheat. A total of  65-percent would cheat once they knew they wouldn’t get caught. And 84-percent said they wouldn’t report someone for cheating.

In response to those survey results the college wants to incorporate students’ ideas as to how they feel about the college’s policies and expectations of students when it comes to remaining honest.

“We hope it will be the rallying cry that helps the College community define and discuss the value of academic honesty in all that we do,” added Kelley.

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