Why I get high:

To keep it simple, good weed reduces my anxiety like a pill wouldn’t and overall improves my life and well-being. Christmas lights seem a tad more comforting; your mom’s-side aunt suddenly becomes more tolerable at dinner, and seeing your favorite bands live makes for an incredible experience.

On the negative side, if you have had to deal with the nuisance that is anxiety, you know those tense moments of thinking way too much or getting little tremors to the point your body aches. Maybe occasionally going crazy in your head in class because you can’t remember if you locked your car or not. Pot comes in like a little cushion, a cloud if you will, of comfort where those little worries can be reduced and in turn slow down a seemingly never-ending thought process. By having this affect, my life is more enjoyable. It could be simple little things like riding a bike down a trail, walking outside to classes or hearing your favorite artists’ new record. It allows the comfort of having no worries.

Although, I think I started too young. Now that I’m older and more mature I’d say someone shouldn’t smoke until they’re at least 18. Even then, many at that age do not know if they can psychologically take it.

Regardless of what some may say, I feel long-term smoking will affect you psychologically, and if you don’t have a strong mental state it can be a slope of negativity. It is a drug and will affect you likewise. I feel younger generations think pot is a drug that can be abused consistently without having any side effects, and we should educate on its use instead of prevention.

Granted, I’m talking long-term span of months to years of smoking. Short-term use is great and makes everything better from music to physical pains (athletic injuries, headaches, etc) to homework occasionally (minus math) enjoyable and journey-like. I do think everyone should try it at some point in their life just to see the benefits. Just remember, indica will lock you in your couch with a body high and sativa will have you ready to do anything with a mental high.

Economically it’s cool to watch a barely-touched industry explode the way medical and recreational weed has in America. As someone interested in business and entrepreneurship it truly is fascinating seeing the possibilities.