What you need to know about Breuder’s leave

Taira Alabi, News Editor

On April 30, the College of DuPage board of trustees voted to place President Robert Breuder on administrative leave. In his absence, the board named Joseph Collins acting interim president. A Here are three key things to know about Breuder’s administrative leave.

  1. He will still be paid – The administrative leave Breuder was placed on allows him to still receive pay and will coincide with his medical leave, which he took before the board placed him on administrative leave.
  2. He is banned from campus – His administrative leave forces Breuder to turnover all “keys, telephones, computers and other equipment and devices provided to him by the college.” If Breuder wants to be on campus, he will have to ask current board chairman Kathy Hamilton.
  3. He will be on leave for some time- According to the board of trustees resolution, Breuder was placed on leave in conjunction with the federal investigation surrounding the college. Thus, he is “anticipated to be on leave until the end of the federal investigation.”