TRUSTFALL-ing for P!NK’s Newest Album

P!NK’s new album is an inspirational and moving exploration of how to persevere through life’s hardships.


Official cover art for “TRUSTFALL.”

Sarah Kueking, Managing Editor

The pop singer P!NK stands alongside a young woman as they stand at the edge of a cliff, looking out at the ocean. The woman had just left a house party where she had been too afraid to talk to a man who had caught her eye.

“You’re shit scared and your whole body is shaking,” P!NK says to her. “Go in there and you just fucking do it. Just do it, whatever it is, and then boom – it’s gone. The fear is gone.”

This scene takes place in the music video for P!NK’s new single “TRUSTFALL,” the titular track for her newest album, which released Feb. 17 and consists of 13 songs. I’ve loved P!NK’s songs since I was a child, but I’ve never listened to an entire album of hers until now. I started listening to it the Monday after its release and now I can’t get some of the songs out of my head. 

The song that kicks off the album, “When I Get There,” convinced me right away that I would love “TRUSTFALL.” The track is a tribute to P!NK’s late father, who passed away in Aug. 2021. When I first listened to the song, I was watching the lyric video on YouTube where P!NK’s father presented her with flowers on her tour bus. I love the song for bringing tears to my eyes from the very first line onward: “I think of you when I think about forever.” Between the images of P!NK’s family memories in the music video, the steady notes of the piano and the moving lyrics questioning life after death, “When I Get There” reopened old wounds left by my adoptive mother’s passing a year ago. However, the unwavering reverence in P!NK’s voice as she sings makes my sorrow a sort of proud pain. The song makes me proud to have loved a parent as much as P!NK loved her father. 

The titular track comes second on the album and starkly contrasts with “When I Get There” with its quick tempo, upbeat mood and triumphant feeling. The song is about overcoming your fears and pursuing your deepest desires. In the lyrics that suggest you “go where love is on our side” those desires are depicted as romantic, but they could be anything. I love this song for having the potential for being a huge motivator to overcome my irrational fears and low self-esteem – a message everyone could benefit from thinking about on a day-to-day basis. P!NK’s powerful voice as well as the song’s consistent, fast beat makes the track “TRUSTFALL” constantly get stuck in my head, which makes the message even more impactful.

The fifth song on the album, “Kids in Love,” which features First Aid Kit, is another of my favorites. Instrumentally, it is unique because it sounds folksy, giving the song a dreamlike quality, and rightfully so; in the lyrics, P!NK sings about imagining she is still in love with her childhood crush, who has now moved on with someone else. I like this song since I can relate to this; whenever I leave a relationship, I sometimes spend months hoping we will get back together. Everyone clinging to the memories of their first love likely would also find this song relatable.

“Never Gonna Not Dance Again,” the sixth track on “TRUSTFALL,” is probably the most fun out of the 13. The song is about giving up everything except dancing and having fun. The music video is epic, featuring P!NK causing an uproar in a grocery store that ends in the lights going out and everyone having a dance party. I love “Never Gonna Not Dance Again” because, by being so focused on daily responsibilities, many people forget to have fun, and this song is the perfect reminder to do just that. Also, if it isn’t too obvious by the title, I appreciate how the beat and instrumentation of the song make you want to dance. 

The shortest and seventh song on the album, “Runaway,” is also the fastest ballad of the bunch, which fits the title well. The premise is simple: The song is a proposal to run away with someone special to someplace better. I can see myself jogging to several songs on this album, but this would be a great song for working on speed due to its tempo. 

“Hate Me,” the ninth song on the album, takes after “Runaway” for its quick tempo. This song is more what I expect from P!NK, due to the song being about an argument she’s winning. It reminds me of “So What” from 2008, which was about her fighting with her husband. However, I still love “Hate Me”; tradition can be good sometimes. The combination of P!NK’s confident vocals and the upbeat instrumentation convince the listener that she almost enjoys the argument.

The twelfth track on “TRUSTFALL,” “Our Song,” is permeated with sorrow. P!NK sings about growing so far apart from a past lover that they no longer remember the words to the song that was once special to both of them. Although the reason for their separation is not given, the lack of malice in her voice suggests that the ending of the relationship was amicable. I like this song because I can relate to it via my experiences of forgetting what was once important between me and my exes, and I’m sure many other people can too. 

Of course, not all the songs on “TRUSTFALL” were good. “Kids in Love” aside, the fourth track of the album, “Long Way to Go” featuring The Lumineers, and the final track of the album, “Just Say I’m Sorry” featuring Chris Stapleton, sounded subdued in comparison to the other songs on the album. While First Aid Kit in “Kids in Love” matched P!NK’s vocal abilities, The Lumineers and Stapleton stood out as holding P!NK back, allowing her to dominate the two songs enough to make her superior vocal abilities obvious, thus throwing off the balance between the artists. 

As a whole, the album “TRUSTFALL”’s message of pursuing what your heart desires is one that deeply resonates with me. The wide variety of tempos, instrumentation and moods keep the soundtracks interesting, while the different lyrics make each song unique as well. I would recommend this album to anyone who is a fan of P!NK or even anyone who doesn’t know her music very well but wants to give her music a try.

“TRUSTFALL” can be listened to on YouTube or purchased via P!NK’s official online store.

I would rate this album 4 out of 5 stars.