Trustees vote to begin Breuder’s termination process


Lucas Koprowski

President Robert Breuder

Kelly Wynne, News Editor

The College of DuPage board of trustees passed the motion to begin the termination process of President Robert Breuder. This vote took place at the board meeting on Aug. 20.

Breuder was placed on administrative leave in May after internal investigations were launched on the president and administration’s spending habits. Breuder is set to retire March 31, 2016, with a $762,000 severance package.

The vote to start the termination process passed 4-2 with Trustees Joseph Wozniak and Dianne McGuire voting against the proposal.

Trustee Wozniak explained his concern for taxpayers. “Should [Breuder] file a lawsuit, it will cost taxpayers more money than his buyout,” said Wozniak.

Trustee Charles Bernstein commented that Breuder should keep the best interest of the college in mind. “I call on Dr. Breuder to put the college first,” said Bernstein. “Forego the severance and simply walk away.”

During public comment, Faculty Association President Glenn Hansen warned trustees against a split vote on the issue. He spoke of the faculty’s vote of no confidence and overall reputation of the board to behave with the college’s best interest. “Think about COD, not Breuder,” said Hansen. “If you didn’t see this coming I’m surprised.”

In the upcoming months the termination process will unfold. Breuder will be granted hearings with optional assistance of a lawyer. Discussion surrounding Breuder’s severance package will begin with the process and future vote.