Trump trumps our presidential dreams

Donald Trump strikes fear in people all over the world. He also inspires many with his anger for how the United States government has been handled for some time. He believes he can “Make America Great Again.” Unless he can find ways to change some major aspects of his campaign, we at the Courier think otherwise.


The U.S. is already great. We have room for improvement, but we have also come a long way. His slogan implies that we are not only a bad country right now, but that we were better at a previous time.


One can only wonder what time he is referring to. Is it a time of segregation? A time of political corruption or trickle down economics? A time of terrorism? Slavery? What could he possibly mean by “again?”


There were, of course, great moments in our country’s history. However, this slogan insinuates that we should be moving backward in time when we should, in fact, always be moving forwards.


It’s clear through the few policies he shares with us that he does want to take us back to the past. His entire campaign is based on anti-globalism. His first major proposition was to build a wall on the Mexican border, isolating us from our neighboring country. He wants nothing to do with the Syrian refugees. All of his complaints on his opponent, Hillary Clinton, are based on the fact that, as the Secretary of State, she maintained relationships with foreign countries. Trump believes playing it safe is necessary for this day and age, especially when countries like North Korea and Russia may be a threat at a nuclear level.


Aside from his general beliefs in anti-globalism, however, Trump has been very unclear about what he actually wants to get done as President. In fact, we have noticed the entire election process as a whole has begun shifting away from politics and towards culture and social climate. Debate questions are centered around social movements and ideas like Black Lives Matter or equal pay for women.


While these are hugely important issues, and while we would certainly like to know Trump’s stance on them, we are generally lacking in-depth details about what Trump envisions as the path to making America great again. This leaves us feeling uneasy as we get closer to election day. Does anyone know exactly what they’re voting for when they cast a vote for Trump?


A vote for Trump is clearly a vote for the “alt-right.” The alt-right is not just one organization; it’s a movement of people who side with right wing ideals, but who are also fed up with mainstream conservatism in the United States. According to CNN, “They exist almost exclusively online, talking to each other on alt-right blogs and select Reddit and 4chan forums. To the extent a “normie” — alt-right and web slang for a normal person — is likely to encounter them, Twitter has emerged as the preferred avenue for the harassment and trolling of assorted rivals, enemies, and other targeted groups, often women and Jews.”


If Trump is elected, the Republican Party as we know it will implode entirely. It will become the new face of political rebellion. It will become the alt-right.


There have been many arguments about Trump’s loyalty to the Republican Party. However, with the rise of the alt-right, it’s clear he has found a niche. The actions of the alt-right are a carbon copy of Trump’s campaign strategy throughout this election. It’s one based on bullying, trolling, aggression and anger. Trump doesn’t restrain himself, and neither do his followers.


That being said, we aren’t entirely sure this is a bad thing. Being brutally honest is better than hiding everything. We’d rather know a candidate’s true motivations than not.


However, Trump may soon learn that he will not get very far as a president with a short fuse. It’s essential for our president to be diplomatic, especially when meeting with high-ranking leaders from other countries. He cannot threaten nuclear war because Kim Jung Un sent him a mean tweet. While there are certain things in this country to be angry about, Trump needs to learn to control his anger and use it to put power behind his platform.


It’s no secret that we at the Courier are not avid supporters of Trump. That being said, we could see him at least becoming a more viable candidate for us if he made a few simple changes to his political strategy.


There is nothing wrong with being upfront about what he thinks is wrong. We like to know what’s going on, and it’s good to know where our president stands. But don’t be rude about it. He needs to explain what his issue is and see if he can work together with someone to find a solution. These are problem-solving strategies that are taught in the first grade. If six- year-olds can grasp it, so can a potential U.S. president.


Secondly, he needs to tell us, the potential voters, about his policies. We don’t just want to hear him rant about “the wall” anymore. We want to hear his plans for real change.


Finally, and most importantly, Trump must understand that in order to succeed as our country’s leader he needs to collaborate. He needs to stop vilifying the Democratic Party as well as the mainstream Republican Party. He doesn’t have to agree with them, but if he becomes president he will have to work with them.


If Trump isn’t able to change, even slightly, before his potential election, we fear the worst for this country. Until then, however, we must wait.