The MAC hosts 20th anniversary of “Global Flicks”

Kelly Wynne, Features Editor

This spring, the MAC is celebrating one of their long-lasting traditions: “Global Flicks.” The free screenings of select international films is honoring its 20th year at the college.

The screenings began as a way for COD faculty to expand their reach in teaching international education. Sue Kerby, study abroad program specialist, explained that the films are selected with COD input.  Anyone in the COD community is able to submit a suggestion, and those same individuals are invited to vote for the final films. The MAC, along with Global Education staff choose the set list. Suggestions for films can be emailed to Kerby at [email protected] anytime during the year.

A “Global Flick” film is shown each week in February and March. Each film has two show times per premiere day. According to Kerby, each screening attendance is between 50 and 150 viewers. All screenings are free to the public, drawing a crowd of students, faculty and community members.

Here is a guideline to the flicks of this season. You can view each film every Wednesday, at both 1:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m., from Feb. 3 to March 9.

Feb. 3: Ecotopia

This film is a musical about villagers who move to Turkey in order to try organic farming. Conflict arises when activists enter the picture, turning the musical into a comedy.

Feb. 10: Life, Above All

“Life, Above All” is the story of a 12-year-old girl whose eyes are opened to the world of HIV/AIDS when her babysitter dies at a young age.

Feb. 17: A Coffee In Berlin

A college dropout reflects on his life, unsure of his career. This movie is completely black and white and supplemented with a jazz soundtrack.

Feb. 24: The Lunchbox

A woman, hoping to add excitement to her marriage, mistakenly sends a gift to a widow instead of her husband. This starts a conversation exchange between the two women, who find solace in each their similar experiences.

March 2: Red Army

“Red Army” explores the far-reaching impact of a hockey team during the Cold War.

March 9: Violeta Went To Heaven

This film is the story of an iconic poet and musician, raised with little money, and her international rise to stardom.