The Courier Staff’s Favorite Love Songs

Courier Staff

Butterflies by Samsa – Miguel Angel Contreras III

Love songs are trite. They’ve been produced since before humans could record, and there will be thousands of them fluttering in the wind and relicing in internet databases when we finally meet the apocalypse.

So much so that artists actually sing about it. Selena Gomez in “Love Song” intros, “It’s been said and done, every beautiful thought’s been already sung.” Or perhaps better yet Bo Burnham in “Repeat Stuff”, when he intentionally, vaguely sings, “I love your hands ’cause your fingerprints are like no other. I love your eyes and their blueish brownish greenish color.”

Samsa knows too. Samsa is also a lyrical genius. It seems increasingly rare and equally as satisfying when an artist finds a unique way to profess their love. Butterflies is an example of what I like to call an inverted love song.
Samsa’s rap in “Butterflies” makes light of the underbelly of loving someone. He pinpoints the little quirks and subtle mannerisms that someone can only learn by spending time with another but not the ones you would expect. His masterful craftsmanship relates to what it’s like to love the less noble parts of someone else. A perfect example of how you insult someone while still making them want to hug you.

Beige by Yoke Lore  – Lindsay Piotter

From the first line on, Adrian Galvin of Yoke Lore sees his beloved for hertheir entire being. “I don’t want to see you smile. I want you in the morning, before you go performing.”  A lot of us feel like we need to put on a mask for the world, even for our loved ones. We spend a big chunk of our energy creating this facade, so he goes ahead and asks his beloved to take that mask off. That’s the difference between superficial love and unconditional love. We can choose to see only what is on the surface because it’s safe but run away as soon as it gets hard and ugly, or we can choose to recognize the depth of what it means to be human and see that in another person, embracing them for it. This artist chooses the latter.


Fever by Peggy Lee – Joey Weslo

A primal awakening of the senses. A match lit in the cavernous darkness. Two concentric silhouettes slowly intertwine. Inhibitions and fears dissipate as two dreamers become one. Heartbeats finding their synchronicity in another. Love tempts us into courage and purifies our capacity for empathy. Our enlightened path following the seductive bassline. Together staring down the unknown. The flame’s anguish consumes the soul and wrenches the heart, “But, what a lovely way to burn.”


Lover Boy by  Phum Viphurit – Karla Villegas Pineda

A lot of love songs have a reputation for either being highly sexual or too serious. There aren’t a whole lot of light-hearted love songs, yet the first time I listened to “Lover Boy,” the happy slap string baseline and abundance of unresolved chords reminded me of summer’s warmth and a kind of carefree love I associate with simple times. The lyrics themselves are innocent and honest, admitting to the listener, “Darling, I got my trust issues/ warning, you stay away,” yet the rest of the chorus throws away the singer’s worries about problems in the potential relationship, saying, “take me away, sunray.” With a winter this harsh, a sunshine song like this is perfect for brightening up someone’s day.



I Remember by Damien Rice ft. Lisa Hannigan – Tessa Morton

This song is so hauntingly beautiful. It is both painful and earnest in the way it portrays the yearning that two people have for each other. The song is stripped down to nothing but two voices and a guitar. The song is wracked with emotion and the feelings of regret, loss and longing. My first experience of true love felt like a sickness, and this song really encapsulates those feelings of fear and desire that can make falling in love the scariest thing in the world.



1950 by King Princess – Madison Venckus

Mikaela Straus, better know by her stage name, King Princess, has become one of my favorite artist over the past few months. Her most recent album, Make My Bed, is a collection of heartfelt love songs about her experiences in relationships as a gay woman. My favorite song on her album is 1950 which is about unrequited love and acceptance. 1950 pays tribute to that point in history when queer relationships were forbidden. This is definitely not your classic love song, but that’s what I like most about it.



Just Give Me a Reason by P!nk (feat. Nate Ruess) – Alison Pfaff

This song was constantly on the radio 2012. Rightfully so, this song chronicles a relationship that has had its up and done, both hoping that “we’re not broken, just bent, and we can learn to love again.” P!nk’s voice, with the former FUN. lead singer Ruess seemed like an unlikely pairing at the time, but has easily turned into a classic love song and collaboration that never gets old.



Your Song – by Kate Walsh

The Saltwater Room – by Owl City

This Year’s Love – by David Gray

Better Man – by James Morrison

I Will Follow You into the Dark – by Death Cab for Cutie

Can’t Help Falling in Love – by Ingrid Michaelson

Syrup and Honey – by Duffy

Butterflies – by Kacey Musgraves

Love Lies – by Khalid (with Normani)

Always Remember us This Way – by Lady Gaga

Sparks Fly – by Taylor Swift

Never Be the Same – by Camila Cabello

Make You Feel My Love – by Adele

Rollercoaster – by Bleachers

Speechless – by Lady Gaga

Hold Back the River – by James Bay

All of Me – by John Legend