The Courier Staff’s Favorite Disney Songs

Courier Staff

I’m Still Here (Jim’s Theme) from Treasure Planet – Miguel Angel Contreras III

This track hails from one of Disney’s most under appreciated cinematic masterpieces: Treasure Planet. The underlying, internal character conflict of the story’s main protagonist, Jim Hawkins, remains one of the most mature, profound, and unexplored amidst Disney’s myriad of stellar animated films. The story of Hawkin’s neglected and eventually abandoned adolescence by his father stands apart from other Disney stories. This is not because of its fantastic and tragic nature. Rather, it’s its relatability to an audience that might otherwise be disconnected from Disney’s fantasies and cutesy family-friendly environments. Its beautifully poetic and heart-wrenching reminiscence is revealed to the viewers within the montage of Jim’s literal and proverbial journey alongside the wayward and scheming pirate captain John Silver. A relationship that pits the seemingly kindred spirits of the rebellious and delinquent, yet exceptionally bright, Jim Hawkins on an unbeknownst collision course with the dangerous and cunning, yet secretly compassionate, John Silver for their greatest ambitions.
I’m Still Here is performed by Goo Goo Dolls frontman John Rzeznik. It beautifully interweaves with the emotional dramatic irony of Hawkin’s and Silver’s blooming relationship. Meanwhile it still lends credence and understanding to Jim’s troubled past through its building melodies and defiant tone.


Belle from Beauty and the Beast – Alison Pfaff

A nostalgic tune from the 1991 classic, the song is an introduction to “that funny girl” Belle, and her quest for a new and exciting experience. Her small town finds her interest in books strange, but it doesn’t discourage her. Belle as a character is one of the first Disney princesses I can remember who really advocated for herself, who doesn’t settle for anyone and sticks to her own beliefs. The movie, as well as the song, are both my favorites from Disney.    



Get’cha Head In the Game from High School Musical – Kimberly Wilson

It was difficult to choose a favourite from this iconic Disney Channel Original movie. Get’cha Head In the Game brings back such positive emotions from my childhood that I couldn’t resist choosing it. Throughout the song, main character Troy Bolton laments over the challenge of having to pick between singing and basketball. Set on the basketball court of East High School, the clever fusion of Troy’s two passions implied that maybe he didn’t need to pick at all, and created what has been one of the most memorable musical numbers from this much loved story. 



Someone’s Waiting for You from The Rescuers – Tessa Morton

This is, in my opinion, the most beautiful and heart-wrenching disney song ever written. The lyrics touch my heart in a way that no other disney song ever could. The song encapsulates the fear and loneliness that can linger in the memory of any child who was ever left alone or has gotten lost. I also enjoy the simplistic sound of early disney songs where the focus is on the singer’s soft lilting voice. The Rescuers was released in 1977, a time when many other timeless disney classics were released, such as The Fox and the Hound and Pete’s Dragon, all with hauntingly beautiful soundtracks.



Just Around the Riverbend from Pocahontas – Joey Weslo

Age withers your dreams, and like roots to a willow, anchors you in the soil. The eye of bewilderment loses its luster. We retreat to havens, safe of risk, at the expense of casting our aspirations to the wind. The child is the father of the man. To see with youthful radiance of intrepid curiosity and a desire for the unknown. To look upon the distant horizon and take the first fearless step forward. Always to be wandering and never ceasing to imprint footsteps upon the winding river’s shore.