The Courier Staff’s Favorite “Boy Band” Songs

Courier Staff

I’ve Got You by McFly – Joey Weslo

To untangle the rhyme of a young girl’s heart, is to hold the keys of every promise the world has to offer. Unlocking the padlock, barbed in secrecy, tinged in resolution. There are no pretensions. There are no false desires as found in elder years. Every fiber of being longs for simplicity. To know someone, somewhere shares your affection. To know your impression is printed upon another’s thoughts. The young heart desires the comfort of knowing the burden isn’t theirs to share alone. Somewhere along the way, our parents forgot the secret at the heart of life. They’ve forgotten how fun it is to dance and sing in the rain.


Love Bug  by Jonas Brothers – Miguel Angel Contreras III

I don’t listen to boy bands often but I’m also not a hater. The Jonas Brothers were iconic and their song “Love Bug” is catchy enough to be immortalized in the minds of thousands. But for those of you who don’t know:

The lovebug (Plecia nearctica) is a species of march fly found in parts of Central America and the southeastern United States, especially along the Gulf Coast. It is also known as the honeymoon fly or double-headed bug. During and after mating, adult pairs remain coupled, even in flight, for up to several days.

I never thought that I’d catch THESE love BUGS again…


Drag Me Down by One Direction – Alison Pfaff

As much as I will admit I never had a One Direction “phase,” I vividly remember the summer this some came out (2015) really enjoying it when it came on the radio. The song hypes me up and makes me feel like no one can.. Well… “Drag me down.”


I Want it That Way by Backstreet Boys – Tessa Morton

Growing up in the 90’s all young women had a difficult choice to make. Backstreet Boys or NSYNC. Sure, there were other popular boy bands at the time but the choice really came down to a battle between these two. Was it Nick Carter or Justin Timberlake that made your heart flutter? Did you rock out to “Everybody” or “Bye Bye Bye?” I was a Backstreet Boy fan from the start. Almost two decades later I still know all the words to this song. Looking back, I will say I am slightly disturbed that a 13 year old Tessa had a crush on a group of men who would never pass as a ‘boy band’ today. These five men looked like grown adult men playing ‘boy band’ dress up. It does not change the fact that their songs are classic examples of what a boy band bop should sound like. Cheesy, catchy and nostalgic. I’m glad boy bands are coming back into popularity, but I hope those baggy, ill-fitting outfits never do.


Waste it on Me by BTS and Steve Aoki – Tessa Morton

It would be wrong not to mention a BTS song considering the group is currently the most famous boy band in the world. This song is not their most popular, nor is it my favorite, but for the uninitiated it is in English and was released by a well known American DJ, Steve Aoki. The music video also features famous Asian celebrities, including Ken Jeong, Devon Aoki and Jamie Chung. Personally, I love the BTS tracks ‘Save Me,’ ‘I Need You’ and ‘Undelivered Truth’ (which also features Steve Aoki).


I Want You Back by The Jackson 5 – Madison Venckus

The Jackson 5 has been one of my dad’s favorite bands since before I was born.
This inevitably makes them one of my favorite bands as I grew up listening to them. The group of five boys grew up in Gary, Indiana and included the than young Michael Jackson. Every year we went to Michigan my dad insisted on stopping in Gary to visit the Jackson house. “I Want You Back” is a great song, but I think the memories I have with it are what make it one of my favorites.


Lullaby by GOT7 – Karla Villegas Pineda

With a topic being boybands, where else would I turn to but the country revolutionizing the term worldwide? GOT7, one of Korea’s top K-pop groups, produces a high tempo melodic dream in “Lullaby”. The track features fun samples, and the song generally illustrates a colorful mood that flows well from verse to chorus. While the lyrics are mostly in Korean, an English chorus saying, “Sweet talk to me babe, it’s magical,” sums up the theme of song perfectly.


Year 3000 by Jonas Brothers – Madison Venckus

In light of the Jonas Brothers releasing a new single, I took a trip down memory lane and listened to all their songs again. I found myself belting the words to “Year 3000” like I was in elementary school again. The lyrics are so catchy and I can guarantee that The Jonas Brothers will always put you in a good mood.