The convincing and the crazy

The Courier’s guide to conspiracy theories

The convincing and the crazy

Kelly Wynne, News Editor

Here at the Courier, we love debating controversial topics. We’ve put together a list of some of the most compelling, creepy and downright crazy conspiracy theories for your enjoyment.


Kurt Cobain’s death

Almost immediately after the coroner’s declared Kurt Cobain’s death to be a suicide, Nirvana fans and many who personally knew the rock star began to question the grounds of the autopsy report.  While many conspiracies exist surrounding his death, the majority imply Cobain was murdered. A handful even support that Cobain’s wife, Courtney Love, was the one behind it. Cobain allegedly shot himself in the head, but when the body was found, gun in hand, not one partial fingerprint could be pulled from the gun. Private investigator Tom Grant, was assigned to the case, and argues that the amount of heroin in Cobain’s bloodstream is enough to prove Cobain was murdered. Grant argues that the amount could not be injected by oneself, and with such a large dose in his system, it would not have been humanly possible for Cobain to pull the trigger. Cobain’s suicide note has gone through many levels of handwriting analysis, but anyone who examines the note can see a dramatic difference between the body of the note and the last few sentences. Not only is the pen pressure different, but almost all letters are formed with different technique from the rest of the note. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Cobain’s murder details. For more detailed reports, visit

Media manipulation

Technology is everything in modern day society. It’s not difficult to believe that the people in charge of our country as well as those who oversee websites and TV networks have some say into what is broadcast. This may even include cutting stories that compromise the country’s secrets or slipping secret messages into advertising that will make consumers react in certain ways. This also ties in with the mass media conspiracy, which states that the creation of media was for no other reason than to stop humans from reaching their full potential. Sounds like a mom rant to me.


The moon landing

Eleven percent of Americans question whether Neil Armstrong ever stepped foot on the moon. The conspiracy states that the famed moon landing was just a rushed, Hollywood attempt at beating the Russians to the moon. The most compelling argument is that of the flag’s movements in the broadcast footage. Many argue that the movement of the flag, almost as if wind is passing it by, is impossible in space, which acts as a vacuum.


Believe it or not, the vast majority of people worldwide believe in life beyond earth. The conspiracy that many have a hard time buying is that aliens are already living among us with government approval. Hundreds of theories explore the possibilities of an underground extraterrestrial commune, or the possibility that other life forms are working alongside our government to control the planet. If you Google it, you’ll find thousands of proposals, maybe a handful worth reading. These theories also expand into the well-known conspiracy that both celebrities and government officials in America are actually alien-reptiles. I don’t know about that, but the idea that there are aliens, dead or alive, somewhere on this planet could hold some truth.


The assassination of Miley Cyrus

This conspiracy argues that Miley Cyrus was assassinated by Disney way back in 2007. This may be because she refused to live up to her duties as Hannah-Montana, Disney star. This conspiracy argues that now, the Miley we know is nothing but an actress, graced with millions of dollars worth of plastic surgery.

The Denver airport

A good amount of conspiracies surround the airport. The first is that the airport is actually the headquarters of the New World Order, the totalitarian world government. Another claims that the airplane runways form a swastika. I hate to be the one to kill the conspiracy, but Google Earth implies otherwise. The biggest statement about the airport may be that it is actually hell. I don’t mean hell, like your flight is canceled and your baggage is lost. Some actually claim that there is evidence pointing to the possibility that the airport is the home of the devil and that satanic symbols can be found in the walls.