The Carters’ “On the Run II Tour” is an honest, moving tribute to true love


“On the Run II” is a spectacle with fireballs blazing and fireworks bursting, but Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s tour is foremost an ode to love.

Since their “On the Run Tour” in 2014, the Carter family has grown by two children and three albums. With the emotional build-up of Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” and Jay-Z’s reflection in “4:44,” the couple’s joint album “EVERYTHING IS LOVE” was an open approach to public marriage and reconciliation. Interspersed with political messages, the couple’s performance at the Rose Bowl on Sunday invited everyone to join together with a love for music and one’s self.

After a lackluster performance by DJ Khaled where he brought out musical guests and held the mic to the audience for nearly every word of each song, the audience anxiously awaited headliners Beyoncé and Jay-Z as Khaled scootered off stage.

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