The Benefits of Swimming – FMC Natatorium

A visit to FMC Natatorium and the importance of health and wellness in people’s daily routine

Eva Koureta, Staff Writer

As full-time students, employees and members of our communities, we tend to not pay full attention to our bodies’ needs, health and wellness. In a world when time seems to pass faster than it should, individuals, especially youths, should take care of the body that is allowing them to dream and chase their goals. At the FMC Natatorium you have the opportunity to spend your limited free time at one of the most beneficial sports. You don’t have to be a competitive swimmer to exercise and take care of your health. The FMC facility offers professional and amateur swimmers a variety of options that helps them succeed in their sport. 

Being part of a team or being involved in a sport is perhaps the easiest way to get exercise. According to “” swimming is one of the only sports that exercises every single muscle of your body. It keeps your heart rate up while it’s taking parts of the impact of stress off your body. Also, it builds endurance and muscle strength and helps you maintain a healthy weight. Most importantly, it dramatically reduces stress and anxiety, a matter that most individuals are facing nowadays.

FMC Natatorium is a facility that offers all the above. The Natatorium provides memberships for a variety of age groups, skills, and preferences. 

“FMC is a facility that is here for the swimmer who is just trying to learn how to swim from a young age all the way up to the competitor swimmer, as well as people who just want to stay in shape,” said MaryAnn Kaufman, owner and founder of FMC Natatorium. 

For more information, be sure to check our video interview with the FMC’s members.