Sweat it out

How I avoid stressing out

Bridget Kingston, Features Editor

Exercise is one of the most emphasized de-stressers out there. We’ve been hearing all our lives about the wonders physical activity can do for the mind and body, and with good cause. Nothing quite beats the feeling of runners high after an intense day of school, work, and just life in general.

Endorphins are to thank for the majority of these feel-good sensations we get while exercising. This chemical is released in the brain during exercise and reduces your perception of pain and stress. It’s that happy, tingling sensation that runs courses through your body as your heart exerts itself to its fullest. The effects from endorphins have even been compared to that of morphine. Need I say more?

A common notion many people have of exercise is that it actually causes them stress. They don’t like it, its boring, they can’t find the motivation for it, they don’t have time; the list goes on. I get it, I’ve experienced all of those feelings towards exercise in the past. I must say that the only difference with how I exercise now is my mind set. I have it drilled in my brain now that exercise is my alone time, the time I get to blast my music and physically get rid of the tension and pent up anger in my body. Staying fit and toning my body are simply side effects of that.

Time is a major trigger of stress; for myself and many others, I’m sure. We get it in our minds that we have too much to do and not enough time to do it. So how can we possible incorporate an hour of exercise into our routine everyday, when we’re already behind on the things we’re currently doing? I have found the answer is quite simple. Instead of taking things out of my life that I believe are causing me stress, I add more good things. Yes- I add more into my already busy life in order to keep my stress levels under check. I make sure that the things I am adding into my routine are things that I love and are beneficial to my overall wellbeing. This could be anything from making time to read your favorite book, drawing for fun, going for a walk, joining a club of your interest; anything really that you feel feeds your soul. Exercise is just something that happens to work for me, in multiple ways.

It has definitely taken a lot of trial and error to reach the point of where I actually enjoy exercise and look forward to it everyday. Variety is key, and I go through stages of doing different kinds of exercise. Running, going to the gym, yoga, hot yoga, pilates and swimming are my go to’s. Find something that you enjoy, and the rest is history. You will feel more energized and alive, and your body (and mind) will thank you greatly.