Student vote to count towards presidential election

Kelly Wynne, Editor-In-Chief

Miguel Hernandez, student member of the presidential search committee and student body vice president, now holds a student position with a counted vote in COD politics.

When appointed to his position on the presidential search committee, Hernandez’s vote was only advisory. In public meetings with members of the committee, students and community members expressed their wish for student input on the new elect to be more than just a nudge of advice.

Hernandez worked with Chairwoman Deanne Mazzochi and members of the committee in order to receive his counting vote. “It’s a good accomplishment,” said Hernandez.

The committee is currently reviewing the applications of around 300 candidates. Interviews will take place in March. Hernandez believes the committee has been working swiftly and productively so far, and sees the search continuing in that direction.

Hernandez pointed out the only flaw so far is the group’s inability to make meeting times. “It’s hard to have us all meet at once,” said Hernandez. “Everyone has different schedules.”

Still, Hernandez does not see this as an obstacle. “We all receive the same information. The meetings are live streamed.”

Hernandez encourages students to attend the upcoming presidential search meetings and contact him at [email protected] with questions or comments.