Student Leader 2021 Online Elections


Gabriella Gallardo

On March 11 the Student Body Election Candidate Forum was hosted online and Moderated by the Student Leadership Council (SLC) Election Commission. The COD student leader election for the positions. T he elections are taking place on Wednesday  March 17 and Thursday, March 18. Results will be announced on Friday, March 19th.

Current SLC President, Alexander De Guzman, and Student Trustee and SLC Member, Samiah Syed, hosted the forum.

The Student Leadership Council will aid in the individual and collective development of COD students by collaborating with the college community and by providing educated representation, service, and leadership to the Student Body.

There are requirements to apply for each position. The president and vice president must meet a GPA requirement of 2.5, and the student trustee must live in District 502. The terms up for election will run from May 2021 to May 2022.

The SLC Officer candidates are Nauman Mohammed, Amreen Fatima, Hajira Fathima and Nazish Kha. Naila Sabahat, Marina Zaki, Karla Michelle Jimenez and Anthony J. Rosario are applying for the Student Trustee and SLC Officer positions. This is the first time candidates are allowed to apply for multiple positions. If a student is elected into both offices, they can decide to keep both positions or decline.

Each candidate had an opportunity to answer a series of questions. Syed asked the candidates, “How do you describe your leadership style?”

Amreen Fatima: “I’ll try to help if there’s any help needed or any in any shape or form.”

Hajira Fathima: “One thing is being supportive which is something part of being a motivator and making sure everybody is comfortable.” 

Naila Sabahat: “I would describe my leadership skills as not forceful and not making them anxious. I will consider their strong points and make them work towards it or help them get the outcome.”

Karla Michelle Jimenez: “I believe I am a leader that listens to the people. I like to give an image that they can trust me, that they can reach out for help and be in a secure environment where there would be no judgments so they can really ask what they want. I believe I’m a leader that adapts well to the unexpected.”

VP and running again, Anthony J Rosario: “My leadership style brings a unique balance between process and people. People make up processes in organizations but then process empower the people. I’m a process builder. I’m always looking for new ways to innovate while appreciating the history that went into why we do certain things a certain way. I’m always looking towards the future working in the SLC. What can we do to build into this team that’s going to last for the next five years so thinking beyond us but also appreciating the individuals who are on the present team and all the things that they bring to our team. 

According to the COD website, “Eligible voters may select 1 candidate for Student Trustee and up to 6 candidates for the Student Leadership Council Officer positions on the ballot. Four candidates have petitioned to run for Student Trustee and Student Leadership Council Officer. You may vote for the same candidate to hold both positions.”

Watch further questions and the Candidate’s Description: