Spotify playlist: May 11

Courier Staff


Since I Left You

The Avalanches

Genre: Plunderphonics

Similar to: Animal Collective

This song is summer. The Avalanches basically sampled a bunch of audio media from a bunch of different sources and doctored it up into this complex loop of sounds. There’s flutes, horns, a violin, drums, chimes, a guitar, people talking, some doo-wop-di-wop harmonizing in the background, and some femalewoman lyricist sounds real happy about leaving whoever she ended up leaving, which conceptually is usually pretty boring. But the sounds are so complex and encapsulating that you get lost in them; the lyrics become just happenstance. Try this song with a healthy dose of the sun.   -Quinten


I Like Giants

Kimya Dawson

Genre: Indie Folk

Similar to: The Uncluded, Moldy Peaches

The playful melodies spewing from Kimya Dawson’s lips will make you want to giggle every time you hear this song. I Like Giants will bring you back to your childlike sense of wonder, both for the universe and for yourself. Essentially, this song is the perfect sing along song. I found myself singing along with her at the top of my lungs multiple times this week.The lyrics are simple yet completely mood altering, and make you want to go on the type of adventure they make movies about. They almost create a mantra when she sings: “I am grounded. I am humbled. I am one with everything,” over and over again. This is a great song to listen to when you need a good pick me up or if you just want to bask in joy. -Andie


Pink Rabbits

The National

Genre: Alt. Rock

Similar to: Band of Horses
It felt fitting, for my last music entry in the Courier, to leave you with my favorite song ever written. This song, “Pink Rabbits,” by The National, immediately allows me to immerse myself in the track and forget everything else. It’s a stress reliever, no doubt, with melancholy lyrics of a failed love. I’ve been infatuated with this song, and the entire “Trouble Will Find Me” album, since my first listen. “Pink Rabbits” is so well constructed from the calm instrumentals to the perfectly crafted lyrics like “I’m so surprised you want to dance with me now. I was just getting used to living life without you around.” This song has been, and forever will be, a favorite of mine, only taking the “all-time favorite” title by a nose over its sister songs on the record. If you’ve never listened, I highly recommend pressing play next time you feel like getting lost in a piece of art. – Kelly


Todd and Janelle

Wolfie’s Just Fine

Genre: Alternative Indie Rock

Similar to: Hozier
Usually I find absolute garbage on the Spotify curated playlist, “Discover Weekly.” I was blown away when Wolfie’s Just Fine started playing. The raspy, indie sound was everything I’ve been waiting for and begged me to sing along. I was entranced by the sound; it all sounded so familiar yet so new. “Todd and Janelle” has a strong instrumental background filled with unique sounds you don’t usually find. It’s almost an upbeat folk song mixed in with lyrics that twinge your heart and make you wish you couldn’t connect to: “I gave up everything for you, why can’t you see that? / You think I don’t wish I had another life? / Why are you being so cold with me tonight? / Sometimes I see nothing behind your eyes.” The song is so complex in sound yet so simple and does everything you don’t expect. Take a listen, and you’ll understand what I mean perfectly. -Caroline



Jon Bellion

Genre: Alternative Indie Rock

Similar to: Black Coast, Fun.

It may be the piano riff or the switching tempos of verses, but this song makes me feel like I could do anything. In these last few weeks of the semester, where most of my time is confined to my desk studying, the feeling of freedom is greatly appreciated. The lyrics feel like poetry: “Your lips they taste like June / Your eyes are a rocket to the moon.” This was the first song I heard off of Bellion’s album, “The Definition,” which came out back in 2014. But every one of Bellion’s songs, new and old, have their own distinct feel to them which separates them from your everyday radio repeat. Songs range in genres, from rap to alternative, hip-hop and R&B, finding a kind of ethereal middle ground that I could listen to all day. Take a listen, and see how Bellion can make anything feeling a little more extraordinary. -Bethany