Solo Act of the Season Skylar Jollette Represents Historic Moment for COD

As Jollette starts her college golfing journey, she serves as the foundation for the up and coming women’s golf program.

Shot by Elizabeth Barbosa | Edited by Nick Karmia

Nick Karmia, Sports Writer

Skylar Jollette is the face of a new athletic program at College of DuPage, making history as the first player to join up with the women’s golf team.

While attending one of the open houses advertising programs at COD, Jollette went up to the sports table hosting all of the athletics information. 

Hearing what COD had to offer, Jollette wrote down her contact information and put “golf” as her sport of interest. Jason Hyatt, head coach of men’s golf, found Jollette’s interest as an opportunity to form a program where that interest wouldn’t be lost. 

“Adding women’s golf shows a continued sign of growth here and promotes the value of athletics as it pertains to the development and well-being of our students,” Ryan Kaiser, director of Athletics and Recreational Programs, said. 

Jollette is the only player on the team, but there’s expected to be a large recruitment of new players taking place after the 2022-23 season is over. Jollette also practices with the men’s golf team at Cantigny Golf in Wheaton, Ill.   

“I definitely think there is a lack [of women’s golf programs] as there haven’t been many options of a Division III for women who want to have fun and play,” Jollette said. “I was really excited when I found out that COD had this program because it was my dream to play golf in college.” 

Jollette has been met with praise by friends and family for being the catalyst of this historic moment. “My parents met at COD,” she said. “They were like, ‘This is history for COD; you’re the first to be on the women’s golf team,’” Jollette said. 

As Jollette started playing consistently at South Elgin High School, her father has always remained a key supporting figure in her play of the sport. 

“The reason I play golf is my dad; I grew up playing with him, and during high school he would be at every single one of my meets,” Jollette said. “He would give me motivation when we’d be walking in between holes. He would get his own golf cart and bring me around. He created my love for golf.” 

Jollette also caddies at the Medinah Country Club, which contains three major golf courses and other venues that stretch over 640 acres. Founded in 1924, historical visits have ranged from Babe Ruth to Tiger Woods. 

“I started caddying there last summer, and I’ve met amazing people.” Jollette said. “I actually ended up caddying for Michael Peña, which was super cool.” 

While Jollette goes on to move forward with a passion for golf, she plans to participate in COD’s dental hygiene program, pursuing a career as an orthodontist.