SLC Election Results


Nicole Littlefield, Managing Editor

As the student elections came closer, SLC Adviser Stephanie Quirk had no idea how well information about the elections would travel. Since the COD campus remains closed to most students, the election commission did not have its usual methods of outreach.

“I didn’t know what to expect this year,” said Quirk. “The fact that we had 93 votes, I’m impressed!”

Anthony J. Rosario was elected as Student Trustee with 38 votes. Naila Sabahat (52 votes), Nauman Mohammed (52 votes), Amreen Fatima (46 votes), Hajira Fathima (48 votes), Karla Michelle Jimenez (47 votes) and Anthony J. Rosario (57 votes) were seated as SLC officers.

“Being in the SLC isn’t just showing up to a meeting once a week,” Quirk said. “These students have really taken a close look at how are students being included, especially now during the pandemic. How are students continuing to be included in the decision-making at the college? They are sitting on committees, and this is on top of the coursework they do.”

Rosario will succeed the current Student Trustee, Samiha Syed, and will now take part in COD Board of Trustees meetings to represent students’ voices.  

“I think one of the things we’ve really seen is how invested this group that we currently have was in recruiting and encouraging other students,” Quirk said. “We’re really looking forward to working with them.”

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