Simplifying your apartment search


Caroline Broderick, Features Editor

Whether or not you’re transferring to a different college in a few years or in need of a new living situation now, finding a place to live is stressful and confusing. That’s where uCribs comes in. The website is  simple way to find listings specifically for college students.

uCribs began in 2013 with 50 listings and one school: University of Delaware. Since then, those 50 listings have grown to over 100,000 and predicted to be close to 350,000 by the end of 2016 says Colin Kish, vice president of Strategic Partnerships. Created by technology and real estate professionals, the creators were able to merge the two to create a platform that is easily accessible with plenty of options.

Where uCribs differs from your typical apartment search engine is the ability to search for apartments by searching your college. From there, you can see all listings near your school. You also have the ability to change the mile range you would be willing to live from your respected school.

“In the near future we are also going to have the ability to show you certain areas and their living costs, so you can really plan based on what you can afford,” said Kish.

Besides searching by school, uCribs has other features to help students make educated decisions. When you see full details on the listing, you can even see where the nearest coffee shop or bar is.

“When you find a listing, you can see that it has a walk-score ranging from zero to 100,” explained Kish. “Zero means you will need a car to commute to school, a 100 means it’s walking friendly. There’s also a transit score based on the same system. All of these things work together to help you plan your week, month and truly your whole year.”

Knowing that it is more likely for students to have roommates, uCribs gives you the option to “share” any listing that catches your attention. “You can share it to other emails to keep everybody involved on the same page including your parents,” said Kish. “It helps save you and your future landlord time by all having the same knowledge.”

Currently, if you were to search from “College of DuPage,” 34 listings will appear in a 10 mile radius from campus. Listings range from apartments or condominiums with one to two bedrooms to houses available to rent. For example, Elmhurst Terrace starts their rental rates at $795 and ranges to $1,395. It’s given a walking score of 79 which makes it “very walkable” and even allows pets. You wouldn’t only be close to campus, but also Funky Java Coffee House and Manny’s Ale House. If it’s what you’re looking for, you’re able to contact real estate agents immediately and share the property with roommates.

The website is easy to maneuver for both students and future landlords. There is also a uCribs blog on the site aimed towards college students and helping them even more.

“There are things specifically for incoming freshman, transferring students and different tips for what to look for in an apartment if it’s your first time,” said Kish.
As a college student, it’s easier to trust a site specifically made for you. If you’re transferring now or later, you can look to see what there is near your future school to be perfectly prepared. Simplify your search at