Rob Bailey and The Hustle Standard’s “Go”

provided by The Hustle Standard

provided by The Hustle Standard

Ben Grote, Sports Reporter

Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard released their second EP, “Go” on Feb. 24. Despite not being signed onto a label, the group has had great success on iTunes, reaching the number one album spot on the electronic chart, and also being in the top 20 chart.

Being the husband of professional bodybuilder Dana Linn Bailey, and also the owner of his own fitness clothing brand, Rob Bailey is an influential individual in the fitness industry. When one listens to this album, it’s hard to deny that this album is heavily influenced towards people who are trying to listen to motivating music. With this being said, the album is listed under the electronic section of iTunes, meaning that it’s not created solely for fitness enthusiasts.

The first song, “Go Forever,” sets the mood for the entire album. It shows listeners the album’s “heavy” sound upfront. This track consists of an introduction from Rob Bailey saying how he is someone that always tries his best in life to stay motivated, and to never quit what he plans to accomplish. The message was nice, but during the duration of the song I realized that I most definitely didn’t want this song to go on forever.

Basically a long mix of shouting, singing, and bass-heavy instrumentals, “Go Forever” defined the sound of the whole album. From start to finish, the album is full of high-energy vocals and leaves listeners with the question of how much work was spent on making each track unique.

As stated earlier, the album starts off extremely hard and ends hard. The Hustle Standard hasn’t changed their style at all since their last releases, and begs the question of how the album gained its small success. While it’s great for an artist to maintain their roots and keep a similar sound to previous works, Rob Bailey and The Hustle Standard should consider adding more variety to their future works.

A fact to consider, as to how The Hustle Standard has been able to gain success, is that Bailey is married to a former Ms. Olympia, who has a huge following by her fans. There is no doubt that Dana Bailey’s following has contributed to Rob Bailey and The Hustle Standard’s success.

With all of this being said, this album is one to be considered by people looking for motivating music to exercise with. Other than that, I couldn’t see myself, or many other people simply playing this music when they’re trying to relax, or enjoy in their headphones during their commute.

With the combination of generic lyrics, an ear-scratching voice, and an overall generic sound shared on all of its tracks, I wouldn’t recommend this album to anyone.