Pre-finals week rest and relaxation


Reanna Comiso, Features Editor

Finals week: the average college student’s nightmare.

The semester comes to a long-awaited end, and students are greeted with tests, papers and assignments that are representative of their final grade. As if the stress of being a student is not high enough already, finals have the power to add another layer of dread to an already dreadful schedule.

While nothing will be more relaxing than the well-deserved summer break post-finals week, students at the College of Dupage (COD) can unwind with the help of “Relax Week,” organized by the Office of Student Life.

From May 7 to 11, students will be given the fundamentals of relaxation and clear-mindedness during their last week of regular classes. Free food, DIY activities and stress management tips will be provided to students throughout the week.

On Monday, students will get a free breakfast. Tuesday will be a DIY spa day. Students can make sugar and salt scrubs and body mists with essential oils. Wednesday will include free bagels, hot chocolate and meditation sessions. A stress focus group and free pizza will be offered on Thursday, and Friday will include DIY mug-decorating, just in time for Mother’s Day.

With rising expectations and stakes that are higher than ever, students must prioritize their physical and mental health over their exams.

“It is so important for students to relax because you need to give your mind a short break from time to time to clear your thoughts and regain your attention,” said Paolo Mazza, student life event specialist.

Over the years, students have begun to vocalize their concerns of what the end of the semester brings. For example, many students do not leave themselves enough time in the morning to eat breakfast, which has been shown to help with concentration. In return, the Office of Student Life took those concerns and organized Relax Week to ensure that students were given the tools needed to succeed, even something as simple as free breakfast.

“Many of them juggle many things on their plate already,” said Mazza. “This is our way of providing a service to students so that there is one less thing to worry about.”

Stress from exams has been correlated to a decrease in positive mental health and often leaves students ignoring basic necessities, such as sleep, exercise and a healthy diet. According to the BBC, final exam stress has been linked to suicidal thoughts amongst students.

Aside from attending the events scheduled for Relax Week, Mazza encourages students to take advantage of other resources on campus to reduce stress. The Learning Commons, fitness center and the library are a few resources available to help students succeed during exam week.

“Another good tip is to never pull all-nighters,” said Mazza.“Unless it is necessary, you need to balance your sleep with your time awake so that you can remain alert and attentive while studying and so you don’t accidentally sleep-in.”

All events of Relax Week are entirely free to students on campus. Students are encouraged to attend at least one, if not all, of the events during the week to give themselves a bit of fun and relaxation. Student Life has your back during finals week.