Patience: Drop this semester like a bad habit



Another semester has come and gone, bringing us that much closer to graduating. But in the spirit of the new year, we can all stand to let go of some habits that made the semester just a little bit harder, and pick up some habits that will hopefully make next semester a bit easier.

Last year I said that we might as well stay up late to finish homework because we’re going to be tired no matter how much sleep we get. But the thing I didn’t realize is that not sleeping is bad for you. I know, big surprise. Sleep deprivation can mess with your heart, cause you to gain weight and can even cause hallucinations. You don’t need to be imagining your laptop is swirling in front on you as you’re trying to type your essay. So, get to bed early and be more productive when you’re awake and alert. You’ll get more done and feel better too.

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