Open Intramurals Kicks Off

Vijay Kavuri, Sports Editor

Open intramurals has become more fun with the introduction of KanJam to the mix. In addition to basketball, volleyball and bags, KanJam is now playable at COD.  

Matt Cousins, manager of Chaparral Fitness and COD Intramurals stated, “It’s a great way for students or faculty to stop on by each week and blow off some steam.”  

KanJam, which is a flying disc game played with a Frisbee and two cans into which players deflect the disc in to. The game is usually played in teams of two with the winning team scoring 21 points.

Students were playing volleyball and basketball. Student Will Auolio said he came to open intramurals to play basketball as he “enjoys basketball and gets a good cardio workout in.”  

He was playing along with student, John Anderson, who is at the PEC almost every day to play basketball. He has been playing basketball since the third grade and has a passion for the sport.

Students and faculty can join in on the fun every Thursday for open intramurals.