Olivet Nazarene forfeit CHAPS WIN 7-0


Kate Zadell, Sports Editor

The football game was deemed a let down for fans and players alike.

“That was the shortest football game I have ever attended!” Fans declared at Bjarne Ullsvik Stadium on Oct. 28.

The Chaps were in the lead 7-0 and only 10 minutes remained in the first half when two Olivet Nazarene JV players were ejected from the game after a players aggression flew out of control.  The player ripped off defensive lineman Nick Rushing’s helmet and threw it off the field. The helmet bounced in between people standing on the side lines. The angry athlete took off his own helmet and threw that as well.

Rushing’s mother, Nickole Rushing, expressed her concerns about the dangers involved in such a situation.

“Since he was ejected there were not enough offensive players for the game to play out.  It was my son’s helmet that he threw,” she said. “That’s dangerous and unsportsmanlike. Yeah, this is a physical game, but this is a game and this should not be life or death.  You should not be ripping his helmet off. Something could happen and that could cause all types of concussions and that’s not ok. I’m not ok with that.”

Associate Head Coach Matthew Rahn expressed embarrassment for the whole situation.

“Embarrassed. Our players don’t get to play and it’s a real let down.”

Post game, the Chaps team gathered with the Cheer squad to welcome The Western DuPage Central Recreation Association onto the field for pictures, high fives and smiles, awarding members as they were introduced and applauded.