New majority set to take majority on board


Taira Alabi, News Editor

Three reform candidates for the College of DuPage Board of Trustees claimed victory over the April board election. Election returns put candidates Deanne Mazzochi, Frank Napolitano and Charles Bernstein as the top vote-getters. Endorsed by outspoken board member Kathy Hamilton, the trio ran as the “Clean Slate.”

“THE CLEAN SLATE IS VICTORIOUS,” a Twitter account for the group proclaimed in all caps, shortly before all of the precincts had officially reported results on April 7. The group also tweeted minutes later a warning to the College of DuPage administration.

“Dear COD administration: don’t delete anything,” the Clean Slate tweeted.

In a statement by the Clean Slate, the trio expressed gratitude to the voters.

“They saw, like we did, the need for change and reform on the board of the College of DuPage, the statement said.“They saw that the Breuder era of corruption needed to end.”

The Clean Slate has been vocal about providing COD with more transparency and “ending the Breuder era of corruption.”

In the next few weeks, the new trustees will be introduced to the board. Later this spring, they will be formally sworn in and start each of their six-year tenures.

“With this historic victory, the Clean Slate for COD joins Kathy Hamilton in forming a new majority on the Board at the College of DuPage that will deliver the reform that voters are demanding,” the reform slate stated in a statement.

The community college has been under heavy public scrutiny, in light of a $763,000 severance package given to COD President Robert Breuder in January.

Glenn Hansen, the president of the faculty association, said the association was disappointed that only one of its endorsed candidates, Mazzochi, won. However, he is excited to see what the new members have to offer, as Hansen wants reform at the college.

“COD needs to get out of the news for all the wrong reasons,” Hansen said.

Hansen revealed that the the trustee-elects had already reached out to him to hear what he had to say.This was something that impressed Hansen.

“It is very refreshing,” Hansen said. “ It is healthy for everyone.”