New board requests on campus office space

Kelly Wynne, Features Editor

The new board majority approved an on-campus office space for trustees during the April board meeting. The movement passed 4-3 with student trustee Gloria Roark abstaining. The full request detailed office space, furniture, resources and office staff.

Trustee Erin Birt questioned the need for dedicated amenities on campus for the board.

“So are there suggestions for existing staff that you’re gonna have now dedicated, and change their role to just work with the board?” said Birt. “I want clarification.”

New board Chairwoman Kathy Hamilton, who voted for the office space, pushed against Birt’s questioning.

“I think you are honestly just giving people a hard time,” Hamilton replied.

Hamilton and newly elected trustees, Deanne Mazzochi, Charles Bernstein and Frank Napolitano voted “yes” to the proposal.

Former board members have not had access to an on-campus space during college President Robert Breuder’s tenure. The board provided an explanation for the need of office space.

“It has proven burdensome for the Board to meet its obligations and conduct its business without such resources,” the approved resolution stated.

Mazzochi defended the movement by explaining dedicated space on campus would give possibility of office hours designed for students, faculty and community intermingling.

Lifelong citizen of district 502 Julia Beckman disapproved of proposed office space. She said it is unnecessary for trustees to be on campus when their job can be done off-site.

“You are here because you want to be,” said Beckman during public comments. “I urge you all to be very cautious about that.”

Richard Jarman, vice president of the COD faculty association and chemistry professor, supported the vote.

“I believe the motivation was that you wanted to be in touch,” said Jarman during public comments. “I don’t see a problem with modest office space.”