Netflix Addiction

Maggie Curran, Opinion Editor

The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. In that case, I am a Netflix addict.

Call it what you will—binge watching, a TV marathon or wasting entire days—I did it this winter break, and I know I’m not the only one. Netflix has become one of the hottest obsessions for students across the country, and with the addition of over 50 new TV series and films this January, Netflix-fever is running more rampant than ever.


Perhaps the leading reason for this trend is the availability of episode after episode, movie after movie. Take, for example, my recent preoccupation with the television series “Friends.” Added to the Netflix queue on Jan. 1, “Friends” had been on high demand at the site for quite some time, and I was no exception. I quickly fell into the familiar ease of watching an episode end, telling myself that I would finally go to bed, only for the site to count down ten seconds until the next episode that I would inevitably stay up to watch. Seven seasons and 168 episodes later, I find myself unable to break from the routine despite the start of a new semester.


Knowing I am not the only student experiencing this difficulty, I feel it necessary to sympathize with my fellow classmates as we attempt to break the cycle and focus on schoolwork.


This isn’t to say that a healthy binge-session is unacceptable; it just shouldn’t go on for days on end. While Netflix provides a break from reality, it shouldn’t consume the majority of anyone’s time. When I spend hours watching Netflix, I’m entertained, but I feel unfulfilled and lethargic. Not only is the screen time hard on the eyes, but there are much more productive activities that should take precedence.


Bit by bit, I have to spend less time laughing at Chandler Bing’s jokes and more time reading from my history book. I urge any other Netflix addicts to join me in leaving behind the accustomed winter break mentality of idleness and work at accomplishing something every day, anything from a single math problem to an entire essay. The withdrawals won’t be easy, but in the end, recovery will be worth it.
Now, log off of Netflix and take a deep breath. It’s time to join the world again.